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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Low Energy Consumption – Lightweight, Portable – Overnight Usage

The DeVilbiss 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator is an updated robust device that offers just the right balance of cool and quiet.

DeVilbiss leading respiratory medical devicesTGA OK registered medical device

$1,853 $1,649

Small, Compact Design – Reliable Pressure And Flow – Easy To Use

DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor Nebuliser machine offers effective treatment with convenient portability and a durable build.

DeVilbiss leading respiratory medical devicesTGA OK registered medical device

$160 $157

The DeVilbiss HomeCare Suction Unit offers patients of all ages the suction they need in a convenient and lightweight design.

DeVilbiss leading respiratory medical devicesTGA OK registered medical device

$750 $649

Includes Prisma Aqua Humidifier – Heated Tube – Bag

High resolution therapy for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) using Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) which distinguishes between central and obstructive apnea.

WEINMANN German made and engineeredTGA OK registered medical device

$2,500 $2,199


Reach Extension – Independence – Versatility – Lightweight – Mobility

Lightweight reacher grabber extension aid is a perfect gadget for someone with lowered mobility. The reacher is ideal for people who find stretching or bending to reach those awkward places a challenge.

The Reacher Grabber is practical and versatile for picking up objects, extending height reach helping with personal independence.

Etac a superior quality product by Etac

From: $65 $54.95

Non-Spill Urinal – One Way Valve – Convenient

The non-spill urinal is a convenient, hygienic solution for users with limited mobility or limited bathroom access. With one way valve that allows urine to flow into the urinal but stops it from flowing back out again.

From: $55 $39.95

Stainless steel, medical ward standard, treatment room scissor packs, containing 6 different scissors; compact pack with short blades and standard pack with longer blades.

LRI quality medical instrumentsTGA OK registered medical instuments

From: $60 $49.95

Durable – Comfortable – Machine Washable – Highly Adjustable

Wrist and hand splints are your best option after minor sprains and in cases of mild to moderate hand, wrist or finger contractures. With any of these conditions, it is important to ensure that there is as little movement as possible in the afflicted area so that quick and effective recovery can take place. This wrist and hand splint is designed with just that in mind.

$200 $179.95


Recovery – Maternity – Arthritis – Prevent Pressure Sores – Comfort

DearJane’s beautifully designed Knee & Leg pillow is made from solid yet soft memory foam that reacts fast to provide lasting relief and comfort. Our knee and leg pillow is an important tool in caring for people who spend a lot of their time unable to move around easily due to frailty, illness or recovery.

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From: $69.99 $49

Soft & Gentle On Skin – Wipeable Fabric – Suitable For Medical Use

MediSkin Plus Leg Elevation Wedge is designed to promote and improve circulation as well as vascular drainage of the leg area while providing first grade support, softness and gentle pressure distribution to the area.

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From: $249.99 $199

Water Resistant – Soft Memory Foam – Wipeable – Pressure Area Care

Replacing rolled up towels & oversized pillows in a convenient, dignified way.

MediSkin+ version of DearJane Bone Shaped Pillow is covered in a fluid resistant MediSkin+ cover for hygienic medical use.

$64 $49

Ring cushion with dual layer foam is used for individuals recovering from tail-bone, coccyx or lower back pain or ailments. Relief is gained by placing the Ring Cushion on a chair prior to being seated. The Dual Layer aids in added lumbar comfort.

BettrLiving a quality product brand

$72 $54.95

DearJane.com.au – Supporting independence, good health, dignity & quality of life

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