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Commode Accessories

Commode chairs are vital in assisting those with difficulty of mobility. Once you’ve selected the right chair, there are accessories available to provide even further convenience and support. In addition to reduced mobility, commode chair users often demonstrate difficulty in balance and stability. A safety belt attaches to the chair frame and fastens in front of the user for when minor support is needed. A nylon safety belt is easy to clean and adjust to ensure the user’s comfort.

For even further security, a commode cross bar allows close fit across the lap while being comfortable for the user. Cross bars are generally aluminum to keep the chair lightweight but sturdy and are often cover in foam rubber for comfort and easy cleaning.

Removable commode pans can have dual usage in both the commode chair and as a bedpan. They’re designed for both men and women and makes clean up easier. Commode pans need to be washed after every use, so ensure you are getting one that is sturdy enough to hold up to your needs. Most removable pans latch underneath the chair to ensure it stays in place during usage and pulls from behind easily for cleaning.

For a user with reduced mobility and stability, comfort is important while using the commode chair. The proper padded seat will provide support for the user’s back while on the chair. When selecting the best pad for the commode chair, look for one that has a durable cover, is easy to sanitize, and is water resistant to reduce mold and mildew. Foam cushions may not be as long-lasting as gel cushions for the commode chair, but they are better able to minimize pressure points for long-term use. Some seat cushions can also convert your commode seat to a shower seat or transport chair. These cushions are available in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit your needs.

Additional comfort can be provided with soft back pads and arm rest cushions. The back pad can offer support and stability while on the commode chair. Most are made with foam and a vinyl cover for quick and easy clean up. Arm rest cushions give the user a secure place to hold onto when sitting and standing. Like the seat cushions, for easy clean up, select cushions with a durable, water-resistant cover. There are other commode accessories that improve the quality of usage for those needing it. There are accessories that can attach to the arm of the chair such as a soap dish, to hold not only soap, but a razor and other small items. It’s ideal for when you’re using the chair in the shower, so everything is in reach.

When traveling with a commode chair, a travel case makes it substantially easier to transport the chair while keep it and everything around it clean. Features to look for include wheels and a handle on the suitcase for easy maneuverability. This makes it easy to carry your chair around an airport or hotel. Make sure the interior fabric of the case is water-resistant to reduce mold and mildew. If your case doesn’t have one already, a sticker with the universal wheelchair symbol is important; it allows you to take your chair in its case on a plane without paying additional luggage fees.

For users of a commode chair, ease of use and comfort are vital for the best quality of life. With the right accessories, a commode chair can provide the support, comfort and portability needed. There accessories available to suit every need and lifestyle.