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Toilet Seat Risers

Commode seats are beneficial towards individuals who may suffer from mobility issues, physical impairments, or discomfort when in certain positions. Agitation when at rest can also be increasingly problematic, as poor posture or strain on back leads to other complications. Toilet seat risers address this by providing a comfortable seating area, along with additional support by firmly locking to the commode. Other models also have railings for those that have mobility issues and need additional support when moving from commode, on or off. If you are an individual suffering from complications, a seat riser can act as a useful solution to needless pain.

Seat riser specifications will vary based on model but typically include:
Sterile comfortable porcelain mold for sanitation
Lightweight, durable, and easy to adjust/move/store depending on situational need
Weight integrity approximately 300 lbs. in capacity
Total riser weight approximately 3-10 lbs. model depending
Plastic variants available for extra comfort and mobility
Slip resistant design keeps individual seated when at rest
Risers typically at height between 3-5 inch.
Optional handle attachment for risers to allow extra support when sitting/raising off seat

If you or a loved one suffer from physical impairments, ranging from discomfort to intense physical pain when moving in certain patterns, a commode seat can provide an enormous amount of comfort during personal relief. This can be especially helpful for those who may not have an attendant and need to move independently.

Consult your physician to decide of seat risers or other comfort based devices are right for you. Ask for assistance when installing to commode if required to prevent personal injury. Do not use seat riser if you experience continued or more personal discomfort.