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Surgical or operational scissors are an important tool for healthcare professionals. It is critical appropriate equipment for cutting is used to assure there is no interference during the treatment process. Typically hospital or medical scissors are used for making cuts past clothing during or before surgery, especially in times of emergency when a patient/individual requires immediate attention. There are several types of medical scissors, from blunt legged to surgical. Having scissors on hand for staff will depend on the services they provide.

Some of the quality features to expect are: Fine grain stainless steel integrity for long-life use. Varied scissor types for different applications. Surgical scissors are sharp and accurate necessary for in depth surgical procedures. Bandage scissors allow for easy removal of medical gauze or other wound material for easy access to injured area. Blunt scissors useful for different scenarios depending on needs of staff. Basic leverage format to allow for desired pressure and cutting strength.

Surgical/suture scissors can fit many medical scenarios, so it is recommended to stock accordingly. Stainless steel material will prevent rusting from moisture and exposure to other substances like blood. Scissors are also easy to clean and sanitize for multiple uses. Sutures can be used for hospice, veterinarian, or emergency services when immediate care is required.

Do not use surgical scissors for unintended purposes. Improper tool use can cause damage to product and possibly result in personal injury. Sharp tips should be avoided. Keep away from infants and young children.