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Tray Tables

For the healthcare specialist or individual in need, specialized tray tables are highly effective in solving small problems for both comfort and efficiency. Doctors and nurses will have a portable table for having supplies on stand by and patients can use them for easier reach.

For the individual, tray tables are commonly used when at rest, generally near a bed. Each tray is designed differently (some are angled and low while others are straight and tall) to accommodate room size and personal needs. For example, individuals that suffer from mobility issues or have difficulty leaving the bed can have things like food, medicine, or comfort items easily within reach. Most tray tables will come equipped with wheels meaning adjusting the table for optimum performance is easy.

Not all tray tables are designed the same so this should be taken into account readily. Some, for example, will not have wheels and are better for stationary positions. Others will have adjustable “necks” (able to raise the table higher or lower) while others will not at all. Design of how the wheels are positioned is also important to take into account, as this may interfere with a person’s position or other objects in a room.

Before looking into a tray table it’s ideal to understand where it will go position wise and room wise. This will allow an individual to better understand which tray they will need so it can flawlessly accommodate them for whatever their needs are.

If you or a loved one would like that one extra step of mobility and comfort in times of healing or other medical complications, or are a medical professional desiring accessibility on the job, a tray table would be an ideal device to help you.