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Urology Supplies

A urology oriented apparatus is dedicated to the care of a patient suffering from urinary problems, such as incontinence, issues brought on by surgery or sickness, catheters, and so on. Depending on the patient a particular device will vary in type and use, and an abundance of these supplies exist to aid a patient with as little interference in their daily life as possible.

Examples of such urology devices would be leg, stomach, or urinary bags, which are designed to prevent leakage against incontinence or complications from surgery. Most using these also have catheters, small tubes which connect to the bladder to prevent leakage.

There are also multiple devices for healthcare/homecare professionals to better examine and assist their patients. Bladder scanners, for example, allow for easy, non-invasive measurements of bladder volume. Some are portable for individual use and others are for more complex data gathering.

Many options exist for doctors and nurses for hospital use. The amount of urology supplies will vary based on the needs of the treatment and professional, but they are numerous. Items like catheters, syringes, and insertion trays can all be used and found by trained individuals. It should be noted that these particular supplies are for professionals only, as misuse can cause serious problems when applied incorrectly.

All supplies should be cleaned and maintained appropriately with germ killing cleaning solutions and stored where no damage can occur. Any patient or care professional who notices signs of infection, irritation, or damage to the apparatus in question should address this immediately as conditions may severely worsen if not addressed.

If at any point a user of certain devices has questions or concerns, they should contact their specialist immediately. Any and all damage should be reported and devices should routinely be checked for damage or uncleanliness.