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Urinals & Bed Pans

Bed liners, urinals, and all related devices are suitable for individuals who currently suffer from incontinence. Patients generally have unintended urinal emission due to health complications, from recent medical operations, because of installed catheters, or other reasons. On its own this can be difficult to deal with and may leave a person with feelings of needless embarrassment, as the situation is beyond their control.

There are, fortunately, numerous urinal supplies that address concerns of incontinence, either for healthcare/nursing professionals or for the patient. For the individual, things like bedpans or urinal trays allow the person to relieve themselves without concern of soiling fabric, a source of stress dealing with this problem. Bed liners prevent urine or waste from soaking into a bed, couch, or the like, keeping things clean and germ free.

Some bed liners are specially designed for caretakers or individuals, turning waste into gel and protecting the bed pan, severely reducing the possibility for bacterial infection and cutting down on cleaning/maintenance. This assists greatly in both care and patient dignity, crucial elements to anyone suffering from incontinence and other health complications.

Regardless of the devices or liners used, proper care should be taken when cleaning/using them. Bedpans especially are exposed to waste consistently and thus suffer the most bacterial contamination, requiring use of a cleaning solution to thoroughly cleanse. Additionally, supplies of this nature are specialty items and have male/female versions, which require their own set of maintenance.

Any patient that experiences difficulty with these devices should contact the vendor or healthcare professional for proper use. If an individual experiences any new symptoms such as rashes, discomfort, sickness, sensations of lethargy or any other they should contact their caregiver and/or doctor immediately.