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Bed Rail Protectors

During an individual’s stay at a medical facility, it’s not uncommon for them to need to stay overnight, if longer, depending on the severity of their situation. Patient’s that undergo severe injury, trauma, or surgery will usually be required to remain in hospice and are normally cared for in a hospital bed. However, in some cases, whether voluntary or no, a patient may experience the need to move or adjust their position while in a hospital bed. In some extreme cases, it’s possible they might roll off the bed or cause themselves harm.

Bed rail protectors however are a sound solution to the needs of any patient. They come in a variety of types, and are easy to apply to the sides of a medical bed. Some protectors, for example, are like actual rails, plastic devices which rest at the mid part of a hospital bed. Some are more like pads, and cover larger areas which can help patients who might experience involuntary rolling, during sleep or otherwise. Depending on the needs of the individual, some pads will guard small areas while other bed rail protectors will encompass the entirety of the bed.

When should these be considered? Typically a patient that may have seizures or trouble resting in one position would benefit from guard rails. The options for any professional medical organization are numerous, and address many concerns such as additional, unintended injury. If you are a patient or individual looking to add extra safety to your rest, bed rail protectors may be the ideal solution. If you are a healthcare specialist looking to protect your patients, these will assure no further injury is sustained by those being treated.