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Cushioned Floor Mats

During rest, some individuals may suffer from excessive, involuntary movement while sleeping. This interferes not only with their ability to get quality rest, but can lead to falling off the bed as well. In some cases this is jarring and severely interrupts sleep patterns while in some cases can lead to serious injury. While addressing the issues that cause involuntary movement during rest or the like is a different issue, there are precautions that can be taken.

Cushioned floor mats are one of these solutions, providing durable but soft layers of cushioning material on either side of a bed. These are especially helpful if the bedroom area has hard, even slick surfaces like wood, or in hospice where carpeted floors are not present.

Ideally these safety mats are used in home situations as generally hospitals or the like will equip their medical beds with safety rails. Cushioned floor mats are designed for accessibility and ease to move around, many of which fold neatly and can be moved/adjusted without effort. It is also best to decide the ideal location for a cushioned floor mat, as a person is prone to involuntary movements during rest and may have a “preferred” side they fall on.

If you find yourself slipping or falling off the edge of your bed during rest, it is recommended you look into the various types of cushioned mats to help protect yourself. If your problem is more severe, you may wish to contact your doctor or a sleep specialist to seek better therapy options. If you believe your problem is very severe, considering investing in guard rails or discussing other options with your doctor. Sleep is an important factor in regular health and should always be taken seriously.