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Head Protectors & Special Needs Helmets

It is not common for an individual of varying age to suffer head injury, but some cases happen involuntarily. In the case of infants, toddlers, those that suffer from intense seizures, and even those with motor skills still developing, head injury can be more common and problematic. During these times of growth or treatment, it’s critical the person in question be properly protected as head trauma can cause a large amount of severe health complications in the future.

Deciding what type of protective headgear is right for an individual depends on what they need. Play oriented headgear is designed with children in mind who may have issues falling or hitting their head. This gear is soft and comfortable on the head when worn and protects against bumps or other trauma, which can cause serious issues long term. There are also lightweight hardshell helmets, designed with a protective, extremely durable layer of plastic and comforting foam, ideal for individuals with difficulty in motor skills. Some protective headgear also varies in material used. There are types that use full on protective material like hard plastics and metal, others use washable material.

It’s recommended to invest in protective headgear a loved one suffers from consistent head injury, involuntary movements, or seizures to better protect them. Many future problems are exacerbated without proper protection and it’s crucial to guard the ones we love. Ask your doctor what options exist and what types of protective headgear may better suit the needs of the individual. There are also numerous options for replacements or supplies to stock on in case of an emergency. Options exist for various needs, accustomed for all ages and sizes.

Consult with your vendor or healthcare specialist if you have any questions about the operation, maintenance, or use of the specific protective headgear.