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First Aid

For immediate use, first aid is important when treating individuals which have sustained injury. While severe injuries will need to be treated by medical professionals, proper aid supplies can stabilize a patient’s status. First aid kits come in several types, from general medical supplies to resuscitation kits for children or adults. Having these supplies on hand for either hospital or interpersonal use is critical to caring for an individual that needs immediate treatment.

A first aid kit can be used in a home or professional setting. Typically included is: Gauze, a medical wrap like a bandage that applies protection/pressure around a bleeding injury. Trauma pads, to be placed over severe or minor injuries. Antibacterial and sterilization medicines, for keeping injured area free of bacterial infection. Gloves, in vinyl or latex depending, to keep hands free of possible infection and disease. Antibiotic ointments, for treating small injuries or injuries that could lead to infection. Tweezers, for removing debris or other harmful material from a wound to prevent spread of infection and to find material located in wound. Pain relief medication, to assist with stabilizing an individual. Insect pain relief, for painful stings or bites. Sling bandages, for broken arms or limbs and a first aid kit manual.

Other first aid supplies can be used for medical or emergency professionals, such as immediate use during an ambulance ride.

Regardless of your profession or medical knowledge, a first aid kit is an invaluable resource to have. Recommended for placing in a car or other easy access area in case of emergency. Healthcare professionals will have access to basic stabilization tools to address a variety of injury types. All first aid kits come with appropriate manuals to relay important care instructions if first-hand knowledge isn’t available.