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Hospital & Over Bed Tables

Overbed tables or bed tables, tilt tables, and hospital bed tables, are small, mobile tables that may be used for any task from laptop use to eating. The versatile convenience of a tables like this makes them great when in bed, ranging from a long-term hospital stay to a simple weekend cold.

An over-bed table helps the user to keep personal items close at hand while not necessarily on their lap at all times. A table is particularly useful for keeping small items that are easily lost, such as pens and pencils, and also allows the user to enjoy food and drink comfortably without worry of spills.

Most overbed trays are built with a four-wheeled base that slides underneath the bed. Most are H-shaped, but some are U-shaped or C-shaped to accommodate easier use with a wheelchair. Additionally, some feature bases that allow easy use on either side of the bed.