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Reacher Aids

For patients suffering from mobility issues or physical impairments, regular daily tasks become far more difficult. For some, limited use of limbs such as arms, can be especially problematic as a non-common issue. Even for those who don’t suffer from entropy in the arms may have difficulty reaching areas if they use a wheelchair or similar device. Reacher aids are designed to help address these issues, ideal for those who may have weak grip, mobility difficulty, or other physical problems brought on by surgery or otherwise.

Typically, reacher grabber aids assist patients via the following specifications:
Lightweight, portable design with easy to hold rubber grip
Certain models snap to wrist for extra support, helpful for those with especially weak wrists
Large, hook grip design allows for extra space to easily hold objects of various sizes
Five year warranty backs a sturdy design able to lift up to 2kg of total weight
Rubber claw grip assures object in question do not easily slip or fall
Reacher ‘arm’ length available in sizes between 45 and 70cm

Whenever complications set in from a medical condition, surgery, medication, or injury, patients can lose a sense of independence. Simple tasks from reaching dropped objects to even changing clothes can be far more an ordeal than needed. Therefore, reacher aids are a prompt solution to address this mobility issues, and can help those who may suffer from weak grip or limbs.

If you believe you have mobility impairments, consult your physician to see what reacher aids options are best for you. If you require additional assistance without help from specialist personnel, a reacher aid can give you the independence and functionality you desire.

Always use objects as intended. Improper use of reacher aids can lead to broken product and/or personal harm.