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Oxygen Concentrators

For various reasons, an individual may have difficulty breathing. Often this happens with old age, after serious injury, medical operations, or the like. Unfortunately, proper oxygen intake is critical to going about our daily lives. Difficulty in breathing can cause a variety of problems, hindering mobility and preventing one from doing even the most basic tasks.

Technology, luckily, has evolved to the point where oxygen therapy exists. To help with air flow, hospitals will typically use special machines to keep the body filled with oxygen. Now, however, there are portable variants of these machines that assist greatly in normal breathing.

Oxygen concentrators have many options on the device, are normally portable and lightweight, also coming with rechargeable batteries for ease of access. Concentrators typically have different levels and settings for different situations, and are easy to carry/pack up. There are also home stationary oxygen machines which do not need recharging (as they’re plugged in) and provide mobility around the home.

Oxygen machines can be used by both healthcare professionals and patients. Typically, smaller, mobile platforms will be recommended for individual use while the other is for specialists and home/office use.

Respiratory difficulties are extremely important to address, as the hindrance they cause can level a person feeling stranded. It’s important that if you or a loved one suffers from any difficulty in breathing, you should contact your doctor immediately. Steps will be taken to assign a breathing machine (if you so desire) and assist in daily activities.

If you have any questions or concerns about the use and care of your oxygen machine, you should contact your healthcare professional and/or vendor. Your health is very important and help is always standing by to assure you get proper service from your oxygen machine.