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During any routine medical checkup or even serious doctor visit, a medical professional will commonly use a variety of tools to help assess and understand a patient’s condition. This allows them to aptly decide the best type of treatment to employ, but in order to reach this assessment, a doctor or otherwise will need special tools for the process. One of the most common and symbolic in the medical world is the stethoscope, an extremely helpful sound based tool that measures and listens to a patient’s heartbeat.

Not all stethoscopes are designed with the same functions and/or integrity, however. Many types, while able to pick up on the general heartbeat, may miss more sensitive sounds. Higher quality versions of these measuring tools will pick up on weaker heartbeats, murmurs, or other underlying conditions which may cause complex issues for the patient in question. Many other models are for checking a patient’s blood pressure as well, such as a nurse’s variant. Some stethoscopes can be used by an individual that wants to listen to their own heartbeat, coming with an audio device which measures their pulse.

There are numerous types of options available to any specialist. Not all are required for a generic check-up, but some models offer more in depth analysis of a patient’s condition, if applicable. This can be invaluable for catching otherwise undetectable problems and prevent further issue with a patient’s health.

Healthcare is a delicate field and doctors or medical professionals should have the most practical, comfortable, and useful tools at their disposal. If you are an office that would like to accelerate their diagnostic tool performance it is wise to consider the near limitless variants which can address almost any patient problem.