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Transfer Aids

Transfer aids & slide sheets are useful for maintaining patient comfort and health by allowing for ease of adjustment of an individual’s posture on mattress, generally for those at rest. These aids are machine washable and highly resistant to bacterial infection, tears, staining, static, and other issues which could cause discomfort. Aids are specifically for those who may suffer from mobility issues or pain when in hospice, via post-surgery or other medical complications. Using transfer aids will allow your staff to easily address concerns of movement adjustments, cleanliness, and a safe place to rest.

Some useful features for patients are: Waterproof and stainless design, preventing bacterial infections or spread of disease. Complete mattress coverage, preventing irritation and allowing for ease of patient position adjustment. Machine washable and easy to store, prevents odors and is odourless itself, soft sheet material does not agitate patient when at rest, assuring for comfort during recovery.

Transfer aids are recommended for a medical installation or home care scenario where patients require protection or an additional layer for where they rest. Using transfer aids will also cut down on sanitation issues and allow for an easy method of cleaning/re-using material. Transfer sheets also sustain up to 150kg weight support. Mainly helpful when transferring patients from a mobile platform to stationary mattress.

Transfer aids can also be used by home care professionals for patients who suffer from mobility issues. Consult your vendor or medical professional to find out of transfer aids are right for your medical facility and staff.