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Patient Lifters

Patient lifts, in conjunction with the proper sling, make it possible to transport a patient with reduced mobility to and from a bed to another location for care like a chair or shower. Particularly for caregivers in a home, a patient lift is essential to transfer the patient with no strain to the operator.

A manual patient lift is designed to operate by a hand pump, utilizing hydraulic power to function. Designed to transport a patient from the floor, bed or any chair-like spot such as a toilet or an arm chair, a manual lift is easy to move around. A manual lift is ideal if electrical power is difficult to obtain.

Powered patient lifts use rechargeable batteries and plug into a standard electrical outlet and are controlled by a handheld remote control device. Because they are powered, as opposed to manual, these lifts increase the safety factor for the patient and reduce the stress put on the caregiver to maneuver the lift. For patients who are able, some powered patient lifts can be operated by the person in the sling with the remote control.

Stand-up lifts are ideal for those patients who have some weight-bearing capability. Stand-up patient lifts can come in both manual and powered versions for supported walking. These lifts are extremely helpful to a caregiver who needs to assist a patient in walking for post-surgical maneuverability, physical therapy and rehab, or take assist in activities like dressing or showering. Some models are also folding-capable; ideal for travel or storage in small spaces.

For both patients and caregivers, patient lifts provide a safe way to transfer a patient who lacks the ability to do so on her or his own. Assess the needs of the patient and those assisting to determine the best lift for your needs. With the proper lift, the quality of life for the patient can be greatly improved.