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Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchairs assist users to participate in everyday activities. They provide increased mobility and independence for the user and their carer. These motorised wheelchairs allow a user to engage socially, outside the confines of the home.

If you depend on an electric wheelchair for mobility, or you are looking to upgrade an existing self-propelled wheelchair, DearJane Medical wheelchairs will help you find a solution. Also referred to as powerchairs, our electric wheelchairs are designed for covering distances and terrains usually too tiring or difficult in a conventional wheelchair.

Limited mobility certainly doesn’t mean you must give up on your independence. Indoors or outdoors, powered wheelchairs provide manoeuvrability and keep up with the demands of your life. Our motorised wheelchairs take all of the above into consideration and are as comfortable as your favourite armchair; particularly as you may need to ride in it for a long time. The electric wheelchairs have soft-feel coverings allowing for greater comfort, with the ability to add a third-party backrest for the ultimate support.