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Arm Slings

When an individual suffers a traumatic injury such as breaking a bone, there is great need for both protection and time to recover. Broken bones take several weeks to repair, and though they are mended stronger than ever, the process during is exceptionally delicate and requires the limb to remain stationary throughout. This can be difficult, as while doctors usually apply a cast, this can be uncomfortable the arm must be positioned a certain way.

This is fortunately where arm slings come in. A sling is basically like a “pocket” for the arm with the cast. It is strapped around the shoulder and holds the cast arm in place, assuring that during the weeks of recovery the bone is fixed properly and not moved excessively. However, this general design also has various other “models” which can be used if the recovery situation is not as severe. For example, simple straps exist that go around the wrist and neck, rather than around the entire arm.

Additionally, during recovery some patients may desire minor muscular therapy when possible. Over the course of the cast being on they may feel limited with their hands, unable to squeeze or flex fingers as well as before. Some straps will then come equipped with muscle balls or the like that the patient can grasp, simulating regular use. This can be helpful when the cast is removed and the arm may feel weaker.

Comfort and care are of upmost importance during any recovery period. If you are a loved one have suffered injury and currently use a cast to protect a limb, specifically the arms, consider looking into custom casts which give you more choice in how you handle said recovery. Remember, prescriptions are not always the only option.