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Hand Contracture

With age or other unforeseen issues, arthritis and joint pain is a common factor for many people. Pain is caused when the ligaments and protective tissue between joints wears down, usually over the course of many years, making it difficult to complete simple tasks. Those suffering from joint pain, contracted hands or arthritis can have difficulty even opening doors or tasks that require the bending of sensitive joints. Over a period of time this can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately there are options for those seeking therapy for joint pain or those that suffer from weak/deteriorating grip and muscle, as well as those who have severe contracting joints which cause fingernails to dig into the hand. Contracture cushions are medical devices that wrap around the wrist or hand, varying in size (based on patient needs) which allow for easier grip and control. The cushions also assure that a patient’s fingers won’t stiffly clamp together or harm their palm. Patients may also use these cushions for muscle therapy, allowing them to do finger exercises with ease for their contracted hand.

Hand bags exist for patients who may excessively scratch, cut, or pick at their skin. These safe, fully enclosed devices also keep finger joints separated to prevent clamping. Gel bags are available for those that do not want contracture devices strapped to their wrist, but also require something to prevent involuntary contracting of fingers and encourage finger exercises.

Contracture bags, straps, or the like can be prescribed by a healthcare professional or bought individually. If you or a loved has difficulty with joint pain or notice that your fingers tighten into your palm involuntarily, you may be suffering from weaker muscles around the hand area. Talk to your doctor to discuss options and a proper aid can be found for contracted hand today.