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Hot & Cold Therapy

People, regardless of age or sex, suffer from joint and muscle pain on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Be it age, soreness, stress, many factors cause this flaring of pain that makes daily life that much harder. Where and how it happens differs from person to person and identifying those negative factors is what helps a person treat the area.

Hot and cold therapy is one of the more successful methods of easy treatment that requires no prescription. Temperature therapy works by applying a gel/ice bag to an area of the body, which slowly relieves pain. Often times after surgery or the like doctors recommend putting ice on an area for extended periods which numbs soreness/pain.

Contrary to what seems like a simple device, there are different types of therapy packets for different parts of the body. For example, some people suffer from back pain due to posture/work related reasons. Some temperature therapy solutions are actually pads which can be worn around the shoulders. Velcro straps allow bags to be wrapped around areas so as not to hinder mobility of a person or affect their normal routine. This allows for therapy to occur at rest or even at work if need be.

Many other options exist too, dependent on the pain type. Larger straps and pads, ointments, small machines that send vibrations to the muscle, and so on are just a few of the long list available to patients. If you or a loved one experiences strains, soreness, or other type of pain after an injury or for other reasons, you should contact a healthcare professional for assistance. Alternatively, prescriptions are not required and a multitude of temperature therapy devices are readily available.