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Toe Separators & Toe Spacers

What are the benefits of toe separators: If you are wondering about what are the benefits of toe separators, read this post. We will provide you with compelling reasons to purchase one and identify some of its advantages in case you do not have any now.

Toe Separators are also known as toe stretchers, or toe spreaders are great inventions for anyone who suffers from foot problems. They are orthotics built to primarily bring comfort and relief to those suffering from bunions and other conditions affecting foot health. They help straighten bent toes, realign joints and improve circulation. Toe Separators can be used for both treatment and prevention of different foot and toe problems such as Hammer, Bunions, cramp, Arthritis, Metatarsalgia, Plantar fasciitis, Plantar fasciitis, Corns & Calluses, Corns & Calluses, Bone Spurs, overlapping toes, overlapping toes, Varicose Veins and Morton’s Neuroma.

Some other benefits of using toe stretchers are that they strengthen the toes, improve balance, relax, stretch and realign the toes, decrease foot pain, and enhance the overall appearance of the foot.

When you are resting, the toe stretchers should be worn like the yoga toe, sit or lie down while you wear them and let your body relax while the toe stretchers perform their work. Start by wearing them for around 10-15 minutes at a time and then gradually for few weeks. Your toes may become uncomfortable from being overstretched, and you may get a cramp in your feet if you try and wear them for too long when you first start.

Start with your big toe; slide your toes into the toe stretchers toe and work along. They should sit comfortably. Start with the spacers sitting in-between the ends of your toes if they feel uncomfortable when you first wear them. Slide the dividers halfway between your toes after a few days, and you should be able to slide them all the way down to the webbing after few weeks.

What are the benefits of using toe stretchers?

  1. Stretchers help with your coordination balance, posture, and gait.
  2. They will be a lifesaver for you if you wear tight shoes or high heels all the time.
  3. They are good at helping remove or reduce foot pain from a wide variety of problems.
  4. They will help reduce and eliminate any related strain you are putting on your lower hips and back due to foot problems.
  5. They help realign any issues with your foot bones and promote healthy alignment.
  6. They also help fix tissue or cartilage problems too.


When To Use a Toe Spacer

Should I make use of spacers in pointe shoes?

In some cases, spacers make substantial differences in both technique and injury prevention, but most dancers don’t need to make use of spacers in their pointe shoes.

The most frequent reason for needing spacers are Bunions because a dancer may need them to correct minor alignment problems on pointe.


Spacers can help slow down the progression of misalignment or inflammation and relieve pain if you have bunions or have started developing them. Some dancers also get pinky-toe bunions also known as bunionettes. Typically, your fitter will recommend using the wide spacer between your big toe and your second toe.


A spacer is suggested even when there is no sign of a bunion in some cases. We want our toes to be as straight as possible, but in some cases, there can be a gap in-between the toes that cause inflammation or misalignment. This situation usually calls for a small spacer, placed in the gap at the base of the big and second toes to avoid undue force on the big toe joint.

Avoiding unnecessary use

Making use of spacers do more harm than good, so avoid unnecessary use unless you need them. Using spacers will help force your toes out of alignment if they are already correctly aligned. If a better fit is attained in a new model, width or size, there’s no need anymore to use them.

Wearing spacers in other shoes

Any time your shoes are compressing or squeezing your toes, wearing spacers can help. To keep your alignment consistent, you may want to use your spacers in character shoes as well as some street shoes. Some dancers also wear spacers in high heels.

Positive effects

Spacers can make a big difference to both comfort and technique when they are needed. Dancers no longer feel the discomfort of having their toes sliding the point shoes. The dancer body weight is more centred and feels more comfortable.