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Back & Lumbar Support

Back pain is one of the many issues affecting people abroad, interfering with their normal routine in many ways. Since the back supports the upper body, any pain associated with it can make ordinary tasks that much harder. Those that suffer from chronic back pain don’t always get it from physically demanding tasks either. It can be from something as common as back posture from work, frequently lifting objects, or otherwise.

Fortunately, options exist for those desiring to reduce strain on their upper or lower back, without necessitating a visit to a healthcare specialist. Back and/or lumbar support, also known as support braces, are specially designed straps and braces that go around the upper or lower part of the torso. Because back pain can affect many areas, braces are made for specific regions of the spine and back.

For example, abdominal braces strap around the area above the waist (abdomen) which assist with consistent lifting, especially when improper lifting form may have been practised. Then there are bariatric supports which strap around the upper part of the body, supporting front heavy individuals which relieve excess strain on the spine. There are also straps for posture, which helps strengthen the upper or lower body and gradually helps to straighten the back, as slouching is extra weight on the spinal column.

These are only a few of the numerous strap types available. Anyone from regular individuals to healthcare specialists looking to prescribe braces can find what they need. Back pain affects thousands of people and becomes increasingly common, so it’s important to have comfort and support when you need it. Consider your options and talk with your doctor if you would like to consider owning a specialized back and lumbar support brace.