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Hospital Mattress

This mattress is a supportive, waterproof foam construction for assisting with care at rest, be it for increased comfort, better sleep, or otherwise. The hospital foam mattress can come in several types to best fit the unique needs of the user, with single, double, or triple foam variants. An additional benefit is simulation of body shape and contours, similar to memory foam. This allows for maximum comfort, especially for the mobility impaired who can have great difficulty getting appropriate rest due to medical limitations.

Caregivers can expect quality results when treating patients, whether at rest or on the move. Some of the more useful features are: Flame retardant surface for patient/employee safety. Materials range from cotton and urethane. Mattress is water resistant, preventing growth of mold and spread of bacterial infections. Material is comfortable against the skin, preventing issues such as rashes, blisters, or other painful skin irritants. Covers are anti-static and easy to clean.

For regular, industrial standard varieties, there are also spring based mattresses, supporting all of the above features save for memorizing foam.

If you are a medical specialist or hospital service, considering using the foam mattress to address patients with physical impairments. Improper positioning during rest can cause intense discomfort, excessive pain, and irritation over the body. This can lead to other more serious complications and demands more intensive treatments. The medical mattress can save on hospital resources and patient suffering by quickly solving these issues.

Foam mattresses are also available for personal use. If you are a household care giver, speak to a medical professional to decide if using a foam mattress is right for you or your loved ones.