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Urinary Drain Bags

A urinary drain bag, also can be a leg drain bag, is an apparatus that collects urine, via catheterisation. Drain bags are useful for those who suffer from incontinence, have difficulty urinating, are facing certain health problems, or have a catheter which prevents normal urination.
Most Drain Bags will come equipped with a tube that connects directly to the bladder and prevents leakage or other problematic conditions. For practicality, drain bags come in some variety of colors, sizes, and styles, to best fit the needs of the patient. Normally leg urinary bags are strapped to the leg or thigh, hidden under clothing, and are comfortably designed without intruding on one’s lifestyle. Other drain bags are hung at patients bedside.

A Urinary Drain Bag should be cleaned routinely or replaced as directed. All drain bags will have a convenient method of waste relief and are simple to rinse. A drain bag should be soaked in a cleaning solution for twenty minutes and up when cleaning. Some recommended solutions are mixing water and white vinegar, pouring it into the bag, and shaking thoroughly. Always be sure to allow your leg bag to dry completely before using again.

A leg bag is used for treatment of certain urinary conditions, but is not a solution. You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following problems: urine has foul smell and is dark or cloudy, you experience pain around the leg or bladder region, you experience a burning sensation near your bladder, groin, and/or pelvis, you experience chills or sudden fever, you feel tired, lethargic, or have difficulty concentrating.

Additionally, your nurse or doctor can assist you if you have any questions related to the cleaning, use, replacement, or general maintenance of your Urinary Drain Bag.