Facility Product Trial Terms

From time to time, upon request DearJane allows a trial period for selected products to established and verified companies and government bodies. Here within are the terms for the trials:

1. Please order the product normally with a request before order for the goods to be marked and deemed “Goods On Trial” and to verify if your product is offered on trial bases.

2. If you decide to send the goods back to us we do a credit for them. This means you just end up paying the freight charges. Goods must be returned with tracked service such as using your courier or registered mail.

3. The product are in an unused condition with all packaging in mint condition as we need to be able to put them back into stock to sell to someone else. It is best to trial the product with a staff member, before trailing with a patient. Be wary of cross infection when trailing goods.

4. Before return, please contact us to obtain a “Goods Return Number” and tell us what you did or didn’t like about the product. We will then fax you a Goods Return Number Form for you to photocopy and put a copy in with the goods. This helps reconcile the paperwork when we receive the goods back at DearJane.

5. The trial period may span up to 2 weeks.

6. Only one product per customer may be considered on trial at any one time.

7. Facility product trials are available to our business customers only.

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