9E-A Medical Suction Unit

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Medical suction machine to remove phlegm and mucus fluids.

This device is used to remove fluids — like mucus, blood, saliva, or phlegm — that are causing obstructions on the airway or respiratory system and infectious materials from wounds. It can cater to both adult and pediatric patients.

  • 20L/min suction rate
  • AC Mains Power
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Portable Phlegm Suction Machine is a newly designed machine for oil-free lubrication pump, so that the environment is free from oil mist pollution. 9E-A aspirator is specifically designed for absorbing thick liquids such as blood and phlegm.

PORTABLE. This device is built in such a way that it can be transported with ease to any setting with power source. It can be used in hospitals, for emergency responders to secure airway on the way to the hospital, and for in-home patients requiring respiratory suction.

LIGHTWEIGHT. Coming in at 3.9 kg, this device is easy to be transported and set up in any location inside the hospitals or clinics. This feature is helpful especially in emergency situations where aspiration is to be done immediately.

EASY TO USE. This product comes in with a user manual with all the instructions clearly stated and easily understood. Being user-friendly, it is designed to be simple for rapid use.

EFFECTIVE NEGATIVE PRESSURE. With a maximum vacuum pressure of -75 kPa and a 20L/min suction rate, the device is capable of suctioning thick secretions such as phlegm and blood, or foreign substances from the person’s airway. It is adjustable in a way that it can cater to adult and pediatric patients.

BACTERIAL FILTER. This product is equipped with filters to prevent contamination with the aspirator’s inner components and to protect against dust and dangerous gases that can damage the machine.

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Max. air flow rate20L/min
Max. vacuum-75 kPa
Air regulationMechanical regulating valve
Sound level52dB @ 1m
VoltageAC 240V
  • 9E-A suction unit
  • Collection canister with overflow valve
  • (2) Suction catheters
  • (2) Bacterial filters
  • 2m silicone suction tube
  • User guide


Based on 10 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. M. Lindsell

    As described. Came on time

    M. Lindsell

  2. Rod Axel

    Very well made, it does exactly what we need to do. Easy to use relatively quiet in operation. speedy service

    Rod Axel

  3. Emma

    Great piece of equipmment – only had it a short time, works well and looks as if it will last forever. The only drawback is that some other aspirators look nicer but they do cost more.


  4. Mahmoud M.

    Fantastic service, suction machine delivered in less than 2 days to our place. Will not hesitate to use again or recommend.

    Mahmoud M.

  5. M. Luarez

    This is absolutely amazing! My son had RSV (his twin sister caught it next) and was hospitalized so we found out the hard way how important it is to keep their airways clear. It truly has enough power to get the snot out! It even works on adults! If your baby is in daycare or very acceptable to getting sick a lot this is 100% worth every penny.

    M. Luarez

  6. SMW

    Good machine good value for money


  7. MrManny

    It is an excellent machine: very little noise, very good suction power, good materials and light. It’s very comfortable to take care of my mother.


  8. Joshi

    I purchased this device for a family member. It was packaged appropriately and arrived in a very timely manner. This has been a great help. Instead of carrying his only suction machine back and forth to where he spends most of his time, now he can leave one by the bed and the other where he tends to be during most of the day. Thank you


  9. yourLostTapes

    it is perfect for a backup suction pump, or a main single chair pump. thanks


  10. Sundeep

    My father was choking and this little machine saved his life. I will never forget that day & how i brought someone back to life after completely stopping breathing.


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