Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

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Shoulder immobilizer arm sling, padded fabric allowing adhesion of velcro across the support surface.

Well-distributed support in addition to a simple, yet visually appealing design and colour that blends in well for a mode discreet look. Soft foam based construction with a low visibility skin colour and easy Velcro adjustment.

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Immobilization of shoulder abduction and rotation. This immobilizing brace is used in those pathologies in which a complete rest of the glenohumeral joint is required. Indicated for treatment of fractures of humerus, clavicle and acromioclavicular dislocation.

Latex free arm sling bring you a highly adjustable fit that will ensure a quicker and more comfortable recovery. With an arm or shoulder injury, movement impedes recovery and having a good arm sling which will provides proper support is key to recovery.

With many arm slings, discomfort quickly becomes a problem as straps bite and dig into the wearer’s neck. The unique design of this arm sling incorporates a wide strap to help distribute the arms weight, making it easier on the neck and torso. The improved fit and weight distribution makes it so the arm sling can be worn all day without difficulty and discomfort.

Arm Sling Use Instructions

  1. Place the support arm and adapted around the elbow. The elbow must be set to the closed end.
  2. Adjust the length of the support by bending the distal end inwardly until the desired length.
  3. Close the support on the hand applying the closure strip with rings, the central ring must always be located in the upper arm.
  4. The position of the second ring can be placed in the anterior or posterior part and allows variations in the locking setting.
  5. To keep the arm in the correct position, move the tape from the support behind his back and pick off the neck. Pass through the center ring, securing it to the desired height by velcro.
  6. To keep the shoulder immobilizer attach one end at the elbow belt. Pass it around the patient’s back.
  7. The other end is fixed to the other ring of the closure strip with rings.
  8. The stun belt can be adjusted at will in order to provide the comfort and security needed. It is easy to apply, adjust and very comfortable for the patient.

Download: User guide.

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  1. simon077

    I needed a comfortable sling for my upcoming shoulder surgery because I would be almost living in it for about a month. If you need an arm sling for longer term use than a few days or a week, I can recommend this one highly.


  2. Andy T

    Can’t go wrong. Some assistance needed to put on initially due to pain but eventually able to put on without help.

    Andy T

  3. L. Stamper

    Most ergonomic sling available. Medical professionals are impressed with the product over ones available from initial providers

    L. Stamper

  4. Robert

    King of slings!
    I tore my pectoral chest muscle off of my humerus bone while doing bench press. I had to have surgery to get the muscle/tendon reattached back to the bone. After surgery the hospital sent me home with an ok arm sling.

    I’m a pretty big dude and the sling adjustment allows me to adjust it to fit me perfect. At the same time, my wife is very petite can put it on and adjust it to her size.


  5. tnbb

    No one wants to need a sling…but if you do, this is a good one. It was well made and the wide strap allowed me to carry my arm comfortably. I had a broken elbow. It has mended, but I will definitely pack this sling away for future use. I hope I never need it again but it was money well spent.


  6. dvdjhll

    Excellent lightweight sling.


  7. Rick Arthur

    This sling is simple in design, easy to put on & take off, and easily adjustable for the perfect fit.

    Rick Arthur

  8. Bruce A

    I would buy again.

    Bruce A

  9. S.Picton

    My surgeon had to fix my collarbone, rotator cuff, and reattach the bicep tendons which had partially torn off the bone. Yeah, I really did a number on it. The sling they gave me was ok, but the strap didn’t adjust enough, the Velcro scratched my neck, and it collected pet hair like crazy. I had my old sling from my first shoulder surgery, and it was better, but I was still extremely uncomfortable.

    Enter this sling – the split strap is soft and didn’t rub my neck because the adjustments are not in the neck area so no scratchy Velcro. It distributed the weight much better which caused less discomfort.