Attendant Propelled Wheelchair with Flip-up Armrests

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Compact, foldable, lightweight with smaller rear wheels, for easy transportation. Perfect for carer supported  mobility. 

This compact design is ideal for elderly attendants.

With push & pull brake system, compact design and flip-up armrests for easy transfer.

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Out of stock

$378.99 for 2 items

PUSH & PULL BRAKE SYSTEM: Ideal for caregivers who can’t continuously bend over to park the wheelchair. Just push the attendant brake to park the chair, and pull to unlock.

EASY TO TRANSPORT AND STORE: Convenient and suitable for elderly caregivers to take care of elderly users. Easy to carry and fold for storage.

FLIP BACK ARMREST: For convenient and safe side transfer. Lift your wheelchair armrest up and completely out of the way when you need to.

FOLD UP FOOTRESTS: Easy footrest fold under the seat when side folded. Compact size for storage and and wheelchair transport.

CALF REST: Keep your feet comfortably on the footrests but gently supporting your calves in place.

SKU: 70772 Category:
Seat Width44 cm
Seat Depth42 cm
Seat Height48 cm
Backrest Height (from ground)42 cm (85 cm)
Overall Height88 cm
Overall Width54 cm
Overall Length (with footrests)99 cm
Armrest Height (from ground)67 cm
Folded Height73 cm
Folded Width23 cm
Folded Length73 cm
Total Weight (with accessories)13 kg
Rear Wheels36 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Front Castors15 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
SWL100 kg
IncludedCalf rest

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4.7 overall

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  1. Justine

    Easy to load and unload from vehicle. Is comfortable for mom to be rolled out onto the patio and sit, even with her broken hip.


  2. James Dorsett

    I am in a wheelchair, for quick trips to store this is great, whoever takes me it is light weight back fold up and then side fold up, to put in a small car.

    James Dorsett

  3. Jennifer Lynn

    This chair is a great value, nice quality to it. Both of my parents have had to use wheel chairs. The construction of the chair is very good and I fits my requirements.

    Jennifer Lynn

  4. R and J

    A great chair for when your power chair can’t make it. I’m pretty much stuck in a power wheelchair the majority of my day and can do pretty much anybody else can do.

    R and J

  5. Luna1Umbra

    Made the right choice. Meets our needs & then some!


  6. Angela B.

    My husband has a neurological autoimmune disease that has greatly accelerated over the past year. He walks with difficulty and can’t make it for more than about 10m. He has little balance and cannot stand for any length of time. I’m not one to gush but this chair is a godsend. I feel like a weight has been literally taken off our shoulders because his world can open up again and he can safely go almost anywhere.

    I received the chair less than 48 hours after I bought it. It came in a box that was very easy to open. This chair was designed along the lines of a soccer mom portable canvass chair without the cup holder. It folds up in one movement and can be pushed while it’s folded.

    I can easily lift it into the back of our RAV4, which would be difficult to impossible for me with a regular wheelchair.

    That this beauty was so relatively cheap is incredible, especially for something that will actually help give us mobility again. Highly recommend.

    Angela B.

  7. Amy T.

    It’s exactly what my daughter needed. Light weight and durable, and the price was reasonable.

    Amy T.

  8. Sheri A.

    Quality model. Easy to fold and put away or while taking someone to drs. appointments. Very easy to handle.

    Sheri A.

  9. Mollie B.

    I took my 65kg 87yr mom to the zoo It was great on flat ground at the zoo. She walked for over an hour pushing it herself. It is very easy to push.

    Mollie B.

  10. Laura

    Important to keep in mind this is a transfer chair so the user (patient) cannot use thier arms to “wheel” around like a regular wheelchair. We use this to extend our relatives outings further once they get tired of using their walker. It’s also great to wheel someone say through a long shopping mall or other building. It is definitely meant to have someone pushing it.


  11. Kathy P.

    Value for money

    Kathy P.

  12. Ricky Trinh

    My wife recently returned from the hospital after surgery to her head and this has helped to secure her when I need to go outside for anything. Especially useful as she has dementia and cannot be allowed to wander in the house.. She manages to walk so I have not needed for any outside use.

    Ricky Trinh

  13. woodzwomn

    Easy to fold, light and comfortable


  14. Craig L

    Light, easy to carry it, easily foldable, was useful to transport my grandmother

    Craig L

  15. Kelly L.

    A great purchase. I bought this chair one month ago for an elderly relative in her 90s with dementia and hip issues. She had been borrowing a friend’s wheelchair for a while but, after an accidental fall, the friend suddenly needed her chair back. I admit being nervous about the purchase because I needed to make a quick decision. Normally, I would prefer to buy something like this in a brick and mortar store and take my time trying out models with my relative. However, my relative needed a wheelchair/transport chair asap.

    This model is lighter than other wheelchairs and easy to load in a car. In addition, it has secure breaks, enabling us to safely transfer our relative from a chair into this transport chair and from the transport chair into the car. Previously, I was eying another model, the one with slightly larger back wheels but this is better for my situation.

    this is a great chair to use in shopping malls, apartments, houses, and outside walks. There is even a seatbelt to secure the person in the chair. Even though I bought the bigger 19’’ model, it easily fits through doorways in a small and older house. This being said, my relative is in her 90s and doesn’t use the chair all the time. She uses it mainly on outings on paved surfaces, which are infrequent due to her age and other medical issues. In the house, she normally uses a walker, but if she is having hip pain, she will use this transport chair.

    From this, I can see that chair provides a smooth ride and performs well on both carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces. It was packed well and came clean and without defects.

    Kelly L.

  16. Rita Durette

    Good price and product. Just too heavy for me to put in and out of car.

    Rita Durette

  17. T. Porter

    Surprisingly affordable and very high quality

    Needed for an acute injury and much cheaper to buy than to rent. Exceptional quality. Nice and small to get into tight spaces, but would not work for someone with a very large bottom or wide hips

    T. Porter

  18. Snr Hawkins

    Easy to use but too narrow and i cant push myself.

    Snr Hawkins

  19. James Woods

    It just showed up today. For anyone with non-arthritic hands it would be easy to assemble & adjust.

    I did manage to get it done with some struggling & pain. If you have arthritis or trouble bending over, I strongly suggest you find help.

    It appears to be well made.
    I like the back support on this model and seat appears to be a little wider than the rollator, which I also recent purchase. I think this is more comfortable than the rollator.

    My medical situation might help you understand and evaluate for your needs.
    I need a total knee replacement, but it’ll be at least 2 months. I can walk but not much with out great pain, so I’ll likely be using the mobility devices for at least 3 months, and who knows how long after surgery.
    Looks to be a good solution for me.

    The only short coming is I bought a open box item. No user guide or calf strap until I looked in the back seat pocked. I guess this is totally my fault, but it did ruin part of my morning.

    James Woods