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Full length lumbar support cushion for the home, the office or on the go

If you spend a lot of time sitting on the office chair, working, gaming chair and driving in the car, this lumbar pillow will ideally  help you.

Designed ergonomically to relieve upper, mid and lower back pain and back tightness, support you to achieve a healthy posture and helps maintain the natural curve of the spine.

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In stock

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PROMOTES GOOD POSTURE: Ergonomically designed to promote good posture while seated and relieve pain. It helps align the neck, shoulders, back and hips and supports the spine’s natural curve to ease pain due to injury, backache’s, arthritis, sciatica, herniated discs, and pregnancy.

MEMORY FOAM: Filled with memory foam, which conforms to the natural contours of your body. High-density memory foam will not flatten out for long-term use at home, at the office and on the go. This product is excellent for offering proper support when travelling.

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: This lumbar cushion features adjustable straps that allow you to attach them to various chairs, including car seats, office chairs, wheelchairs and more. A lumbar pillow is an excellent option to use in different chairs.

REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE COVER: Made from durable and high-quality materials suitable with any seat. The zippered cover is removable and washable.

BREATHABILITY: Allows air to freely circulate that includes a breathable, 3D mesh cover to stay calm and dry throughout the day. The lumbar cushion is breathable back support that provides superior comfort.

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  1. Andrew

    Outstanding product. This was my third trial to obtain a satisfactory lumbar support for my new recliner. It is as close to perfect as you will find. Very very happy with it. (As is my back)


  2. Carolyn

    I bought this for my car. It gives me the extra support I need. Excellent product.


  3. Bethany

    Super soft, love the material! Very breathable and good support!


  4. barnwell

    Comfy and totally worth it


  5. mrs j m dixey

    Good Lumbar Support.

    mrs j m dixey

  6. Julie Lloyd

    Perfect for the office chair. It is not bulky, and is very comfortable. The back support is excellent during those long hours at the computer.

    Julie Lloyd

  7. Emma JJ

    It fits my back well.

    Emma JJ

  8. old soul

    I bought it because my car seats are hard as a rock. This offers the needed support for a more comfortable car ride. I bought a second one for the passenger’s seat too.

    old soul

  9. sonny6

    Bought this for my dad’s wheel chair because his oxygen tank digs into his back. Perfect fix!


  10. Renee Shunamon Lynne

    This is a quality back cushion made of good material, soft and comfortable. The dual straps help as I’m using it on my car seat and not an office chair. It provides good support and helps me sit up straight during long trips and everyday commute.

    Renee Shunamon Lynne

  11. Yee Lee Lau

    I stand all day for work. I have siactia. Anyone that has that knows it’s pure hell.

    It feels so nice to get into my van and lean against this and feel the pressure leave my lower back, enough to make my ride home pleasant.

    I also use one at home. I love that you can buckle it in to stay put in any chair. I use my 2nd one when I prop up in bed. Not only is this super comfy but it forms to your back and will reuse the same position that you left. The cover is removable and washable.

    Yee Lee Lau

  12. Tinkara Kosi

    So I’d say that this is by far one of the best lumbar supports for seats especially in a car comfortable gives decent support and does a fair enough job at relieving pain however because of my lower back pains/ soreness in my lumbar muscles sometimes it isn’t enough but it definitely helps a lot. I would recommend this to anyone, pain or not it will help with back support which is always good

    Tinkara Kosi

  13. kkAT6

    Strapped to a recliner in a living room, has been there ever since, everyone who sits in the chair really enjoys the extra support.


  14. gm

    Over-sized office chair at work, which means lots of skooting back of my chair or sitting on the very edge of my chair to find relief. This has been wonderful. Takes a bit to get it to the way you like it, but so far this has been a great resolution to my back pain. Straps do not slip and slide.


  15. luis

    Durable. Excellent quality and full back support. Perfect for my needs and just what I had been looking for. Very Nice!


  16. Charlie and Jody

    Super soft works perfectly for my car and Desk chair.. extra straps with pillows are good to have for car. good product for good price.

    Charlie and Jody

  17. BleedBlue

    I bought 2 of these, one for myself and one for the wife. We both love the support that the pillow gives us. It helps maintain a good posture.