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Adjustable bath board bench for safe transfers in and out of a bath.

Moulded plastic bath board with easy dual cleat adjustment for a secure fit across most standard bath tubs. The handle should be located at the far side of the tub so the patient can assist the nursing staff as they pass them from a wheelchair onto the seat and then into the tub.

The large handle is easy to grip and the slip resistant surface of the board enhances patient confidence and comfort. The large contoured seat has ample room for movement and has drainage holes and a soap dish so it can also be used for seated over-bath showering.

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BATHE IN COMFORT. Strong bath bench seat securely attaches to your tub. The shower bench seat is contoured for maximum comfort. More supportive than a shower chair or stools, you can relax with this bench knowing you’re secure.

PORTABLE SHOWER BENCH: Shower Bench weighs less than 3kg and is quick and easy to install. Not only is it lightweight, but it also stores easily so you can travel with it and use it in a hotel or elsewhere. Shower seat fits most standard tubs.

ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR TUB: Bath bench is adjustable to fit a width ranging between 48-70cm, fitting most standard bathtubs and claw tubs providing you with secure, sturdy support. The rubber stops help keep it from scratching your bathtub.

EASY TRANSFER INTO THE TUB. Simply sit on the outside part of the portable shower transfer bench and slide the legs around to the inside bath side, just like you would with a bath chair or most other shower stools and benches.

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 Length 70 cm
 Width 31 cm
 Height excluding handle 5.5 cm
 Bath width inner lip measurement ~36-58 cm

Customer Questions

How do you use a bath board and seat?

A bath board and seat are helpful tools for individuals who may have difficulty sitting or standing in the bathtub. Here’s a general guide on how to use a Bath Board:

  • Placement: Place the bath board horizontally across the top of the bathtub, spanning the width of the tub.
  • Adjustment: Ensure that the board is securely positioned on the edges of the tub. Some boards have adjustable feet or brackets to fit various tub widths.
  • Stability: Make sure the board is stable and doesn’t wobble. This stability is crucial for safety.
    Bath Seat:

General Tips:

  • Always follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for your particular bath board or seat.
  • Double-check the stability of the board or seat before each use to prevent accidents.
    Be cautious and move slowly, especially when transitioning from standing to sitting or vice versa.
  • It’s essential to have grab bars or something sturdy nearby to assist with balance and support while using the board or seat.
  • If you experience any discomfort or instability while using these devices, stop using them immediately and seek assistance.

Who would use a bath board?

A bath transfer bench makes getting into and out of the bath easier by providing a sturdy base for the user to sit on before sliding into position. They are ideal for people who have difficulty climbing into a standard bath or who are unable to stand while bathing.

How do you install a bath board?

Clean the Tub: Ensure the bathtub is clean and dry before starting the installation process. This will help with better adhesion and stability of the bath board.
Adjust the Width (if needed): If your bath board has adjustable legs or brackets, adjust them to fit the width of your tub. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this step.
Position the Board: Place the bath board horizontally across the top of the bathtub, ensuring it spans the width. The legs or brackets should rest securely on the edges of the tub.
Check Stability: Ensure that the board is stable and doesn’t wobble. It should sit firmly in place without movement. If it’s an adjustable board, double-check that it’s at the desired height and securely fastened.
Test the Stability: Before using the board, test its stability by applying gentle pressure to ensure it can support your weight without slipping or moving.

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  1. AC3handle

    Our bathroom doesn’t have enough space for the type of transfer bench that sits in and out of the tub. Also with the sloped backrest inside the tub makes it difficult for any type of seat that has legs inside of the tub. The way this seat sits on the edges of the tub works perfectly. If the rubber stops on the inside that secure the seat between the lips of the tub are left slightly loose it is still stable and allows the seat to easily be moved forward or back to the wall for others to use the shower in the tub. It is also very easy to lift out and put standing against the wall if someone wants to fill the tub up to lay and soak while reading a book.


  2. Diane Musser

    I had fractured my spine so I needed something to help me in the shower. This was easy to put together. Light enough for me to move around. Easy to clean and I don’t get out of the shower exhausted. Worth every penny. Wish I had gotten it sooner.

    Diane Musser

  3. Mark B Yotter

    After trying a few others, finally found the perfect one. I like that you can sit on the side and swing your legs over the bathtub. Give this bench a try, I think you will really like it.

    Mark B Yotter

  4. R. Karst

    We found this seat to be of very sturdy construction. The material it’s made of won’t scratch our tub and it was very easy to assemble.

    R. Karst

  5. John Watson

    I bought this to use while going through cancer treatment, which left me too weak to stand for an entire shower. I have an old claw foot bathtub and wasn’t sure if this would work. But, it was perfectly fine! Just need to make sure not to put it so far back that the tub tips when you sit down! It makes it easy to get in and out of the shower also. I just sit down and swivel my feet into the tub. I feel like this is easier than climbing in and out at my age, since I have had a few falls. I feel a lot more secure using the seat to get in and out. If my daughter wants to take a sit down bath, this seat is very easy to remove and replace later.

    John Watson

  6. Marie

    I had previously used a typical 4-legged shower stool, but it was wobbly and easily moved when I sat down or stood up. THIS device is completely solid! It doesn’t shift around at all and I feel very secure using it. Super easy to assemble and install. I especially appreciate the handle, which makes standing back up a lot easier on my knees. Highly recommend!


  7. Sama J

    I ordered this bath bench seat for my 90 year old neighbour to help her in the shower. She absolutely loves it. It was easy to install and very safe. I recommend it.

    Sama J

  8. Natalie Mile

    Bath board is very handy to have. Stores away neatly. sturdy in the bath.

    Natalie Mile

  9. John Roberts

    The board works well, very easy to set up. Good price.

    John Roberts

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