Auto Bath Lift Chair

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Electric bath chair that lowers and lifts the user in and out of the bathtub, reducing the strain on the user and preventing the risk of falls

A rechargeable remote control will raise and lower the bath lift with a press of a button. Once fully lowered, the backrest reclines down 40° for a soothing, immersive, relaxing bath experience. Compact design fits most standard tubs.

Simple and tool-less installation. Our Bath lift comes with 6 suction cups to ensure security and safety along with a thin padded seat and backrest to provide exceptional comfort.

Our rechargeable hand control knows not to allow you to lower yourself into the bath if there is not enough battery power to bring you back up.

We use the best materials in the industry. We also have spare parts available should you need to order new fabric, charger or remote.

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The Ultimate Battery-Powered Bath Lift – Elevate Your Bathing Experience!

Tired of struggling to get in and out of your bathtub? Say goodbye to the inconvenience and discomfort with our state-of-the-art Battery-Powered Bath Lift. Designed to revolutionize your bathing routine, this innovative device brings you safety, comfort, and independence like never before.

Luxurious Comfort: Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of your bathtub without any strain or difficulty. Our Bath Lift gently lowers you into the tub and raises you back up, allowing you to enjoy your baths effortlessly.

Powered Confidence: Powered by a reliable battery, our Bath Lift ensures consistent performance every time you use it. No more worries about sudden interruptions or power outages – just a relaxing and uninterrupted bathing experience.

Intuitive Design: Our engineers have meticulously crafted this bath lift with your needs in mind. The user-friendly controls are easily accessible, giving you complete control over your bathing experience. Adjust the height and recline angle to find your perfect position.

Safety First: Your safety is our priority. The Battery-Powered Bath Lift is equipped with advanced safety features, including a stable and sturdy base, anti-slip surface, and a secure harness system. Enjoy peace of mind as you bathe independently.

Effortless Installation: Setting up your new Bath Lift is a breeze. No complex tools or professional help needed. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll be ready to experience a new level of bathing comfort in no time.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning your Bath Lift is hassle-free. The materials used are easy to wipe down and maintain, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant bathing environment.

Rediscover the joy of bathing with confidence and comfort. Whether you’re seeking a solution for limited mobility, chronic pain, or simply want to enhance your relaxation time, our Battery-Powered Bath Lift is your answer.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your bathing routine. Order now and experience the freedom of safe, comfortable, and rejuvenating baths like never before. Elevate your bathing experience today!

Overall length(with backrest in a reclined position)985 mm
Overall width(seat incl. side flaps)725 mm
Width of seat400 mm
Depth of seat500 mm
Overall length of seat590 mm
Sitting height min80 mm
Sitting height max487 mm
Height of backrest650 mm
Width of backrest350-360 mm
Backrest adjustment5° to max 45°
Width of baseplate310 mm
Length of baseplate612 mm
Load capacity max140 kg
Total weight (excl. controller)9.6k g
Total weight (inc. controller)10.1 kg
Duration of lifting/lowering movement under 105kg loadLifting:90s
Auto power off30 min
BatteryLithium-ion, 14.8V, 2.2 Ah

Customer Questions

What are the advantages of having a Bath Lift installed?

An electric power bath lift is a device designed to assist individuals with mobility limitations in safely getting in and out of a bathtub. It provides a means of lowering and raising a person into and out of the bathtub with the help of powered mechanisms. This type of assistive technology is particularly useful for people who have difficulty stepping over the high sides of a bathtub or who may struggle with standing up from a seated position in a wet and slippery environment.

Here’s how an electric power bath lift typically works:

Installation: The bath lift is typically placed inside the bathtub. It might consist of a seat or platform that can be lowered and raised.

Power Mechanism: The lift is powered by an electric motor or rechargeable battery that controls the movement of the seat or platform. Users can often control the lift using a handheld remote control.

Lowering: When the user wants to enter the bath, they lower the seat or platform into the tub using the remote control. This allows them to sit down on the seat at a comfortable height.

Bathing: The user can then bathe in a seated position. This is particularly helpful for individuals who might find it challenging to sit down and stand up in a traditional bathtub.

Raising: After bathing, the user can use the remote control to raise the seat or platform to a higher position, allowing them to easily exit the bath.

Electric power bath lifts offer increased independence and safety for individuals with mobility issues. They reduce the risk of slips and falls that can occur when getting in and out of a bathtub. Additionally, these devices often come with features like adjustable backrests, non-slip surfaces, and padded seats for added comfort.

It’s important to note that while electric power bath lifts can be very helpful, individuals with specific medical conditions or complex mobility needs should consult with a healthcare professional or occupational therapist before using such devices. They can provide personalized advice and recommendations to ensure that the chosen bath lift is appropriate and safe for the user’s needs.

How does electric bath lift work?

An electric bath lift works by utilizing a motor or battery-powered mechanism to lower and raise a person into and out of a bathtub. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how an electric bath lift typically operates:

Installation: The bath lift is placed inside the bathtub. It’s designed to be stable and secure, with suction cups or other methods to prevent it from moving during use.

Seat or Platform: The bath lift consists of a seat or platform that the user sits on. The seat/platform is attached to a frame with arms or support columns.

Controls: The bath lift is controlled by a handheld remote control, which is often waterproof and designed for ease of use.

Lowering into the Bath:

  • The user sits on the seat or platform outside the bathtub.
  • Using the remote control, the user initiates the lowering process.
  • The electric motor or battery-powered mechanism engages, causing the seat or platform to lower gradually into the water.


  • Once the seat/platform is at the desired height within the bathtub, the user can comfortably bathe while seated.
  • The user can control the recline of the backrest, providing a comfortable bathing position.

Raising Out of the Bath:

  • After bathing, the user uses the remote control to initiate the raising process.
  • The electric motor or battery-powered mechanism raises the seat/platform, gradually bringing the user to a higher position.

Exiting the Bath:

  • Once the seat/platform is at a higher position, the user can easily transfer from the seat to the edge of the bathtub.
  • The bath lift is then raised to its highest position, allowing the user to step out of the bath safely.

Overall, electric bath lifts provide a convenient and safe way for individuals with mobility challenges to enjoy a relaxing bath while minimizing the risk of slips and falls.

Electric bath lifts are designed with safety as a top priority. They are intended to provide individuals with mobility limitations a secure and controlled way to enter and exit a bathtub. However, like any medical or assistive device, proper usage and adherence to safety guidelines are essential. Here are some key safety aspects to consider when using an electric bath lift:

Stability and Installation: Proper installation of the bath lift is crucial. The lift should be securely positioned in the bathtub using 6 suction cups. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to ensure proper setup.

Weight Capacity: The bath lift has a specified 140kg weight capacity. Make sure that the user’s weight falls within the recommended limit to ensure the lift’s stability and functionality.

Emergency Stop: This bath lifts are equipped with an emergency stop button that immediately halts the lifting or lowering process. Familiarize yourself with the location of this button in case of any issues.

Supervision: For users who require assistance or have limited mobility, having a caregiver present during the entire bathing process can provide an extra layer of safety.

Non-Slip Surfaces: Bath lifts has non-slip surfaces on the seat and backrest to prevent slipping while getting on and off the lift.

Water Resistance: Electric bath lifts are designed to be used in wet environments.

By following these safety guidelines and using the bath lift as intended, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a safe and comfortable bathing experience for individuals with mobility challenges.

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  1. Tiffani Clemen

    I am 160cm tall. I have a normal bath, a little taller than a regular tub for children.
    I have been unable to take a bath since my second knee replacement several years ago. I bought this after looking at bath lifts for a few yrs and pulled the plug a week ago. Sooo glad that I got this one. It is easy for this 67 yo female to put together and charge up. In a few hours, I was soaking in my first bath with Epson Salt. I felt like I was in a spa!! I have had the lift for a week and have used it daily. I am the only one using the bathroom, so I leave the lift in the tub all the time. The directions were very clear. The lift is very sturdy, and I wish that i had ordered it a few years ago. I have always loved bathing; showers are ok, but a nice relaxing tub bath is the best for me. If you are on the fence and have a tub, do not hesitate.

    Tiffani Clemen

  2. KARA

    We bought this for my mother who can’t get herself up from the floor when she slides out of bed. This is so easy to slide under her and lift her up. Our backs are saved and our method of using two folding chairs is no longer needed. It probably works great as a bath lift, too. I guess we’ll find out when we use it for the bath.


  3. chapple

    This chair is used in our home 2-3 times a week. I initially bought it with some skepticism, because I wanted to avoid installing a “sit-down” shower for a member of my family. It has worked flawlessly. Its sturdy and the battery lasts for longer than I’ve ever tested it


  4. JSchneider

    This is the greatest invention and beats the dickens out of a walk-in tub!! Got it for my parents and they love it and being able to take baths safely. I rode it several times to see that it worked and it is terrific.

    Getting the suction cups secured is not hard if you don’t read the directions. Perhaps my wording will help someone: the suction cups consist of the “suction cup”, connected by a plastic “string” with a “button” on the other end of the “string”. Slide the “button” thru the keyhole opening; then move the “string” to the narrow portion of the keyhole opening; then slide the “button” back into the large portion of the keyhole, which prevents accidental detachment of the suction cup.


  5. J Means

    Getting in tub easier

    J Means

  6. DBentz

    I like that it’s light to carry, easy to manage, easy to assemble, sturdy with plenty of leg room. You can lower it for a bubble bath or leave it up as a chair for a shower.


  7. Kathy K

    This came sooner than anticipated. Thank you for your prompt delivery. Mom never used to shower until it became unsafe to take a tub bath. It’s probably been 5 years since she has had a tub bath. Mom is 94, frail and 47kg.

    This thing made it possible for her to sit safely in the tub for a warm, leisurely 30 min soak and bathe herself as opposed to the 15 min shower with me washing her. Such a joy. Yes, a little “wobbly” going up and down but OK especially since someone already made that comment we were not surprised. My 110kg son also tried this and was pleasantly surprised with the ride and felt safe and secure. Thank you for this product.

    Kathy K

  8. p kassies

    I purchased this in June of 2019. It is still working wonderfully. One of the best investments I have made. My knee issues had made it impossible to enjoy my baths. This chair gave me back that freedom.

    p kassies

  9. Shannon

    I wish I had bought this a year ago , but I have it now and love it! I have Complex Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and have had 22 surgeries! I absolutely love a good hot bath, but was having a lot of trouble getting in and out of the bathtub! I was always afraid of falling! This is a quiet machine, the remote is very straight forward to understand and use! I can raise the chair high enough to sit in the seat and move my legs and feet into the tub safely! With the remote I can lower myself down into the wonderful hot water and soak! It is very easy to raise the the chair using the remote and getting safely out of the bath tub


  10. Becky Wellman

    My mother had a stroke almost 6 years ago she has weekness on her right side with very little function in her right arm this bath lift is amazing after all this time she can finally take a bath again I honestly couldn’t ask for better this chair gave her some independence back she is 150cm 93 kg the chair is very sturdy she never felt unsafe going up and down in the tub it was very easy to put together charge. If I could give this product more than 5 stars I would.

    Becky Wellman

  11. Tonya

    Knee replacements and back surgeries left me unable to get in and out of my tub. With this chair, I can get in and out safely. It is easy to operate, sturdy, and I can continue to enjoy a hot bath.


  12. bigd001

    This is a life saver. I have used this as an aid to help my 200 pound father-in-law off the floor. Just slide it under and keep him steady on the sides. It may feel wobbly but just hold his hands or shoulders. Then the motorized seat lifts him up to a proper sitting height. He can sit there and rest till he has strength to get up on his own. Holds the charge for a long time on the battery pack.


  13. Donna Hastings

    I have lost my upper body strength for helping myself get out of the bath tub. when I got eczema and needed to soak it was in trouble with out being able to use my tub. when I found this super product , its been a answer to my prayer. it works like a total dream and it feels very reliable. I have not fear it of being stuck in the tub ever again.. its sits nice and high for being able to to just stand up in the tub and , there is enough room for me to turn around and get out of the side of the tub while standing up. I highly recommend this wonder chair lift for any one who might be thinking they need a walk in tub… this is far far better plan, and I get my self totally submerged. I am 158cm,weight a little over 72kg and it does the job just lovely.

    Donna Hastings

  14. david R

    Would definitely buy again!

    david R

  15. CINDY

    I had no idea there was even such a thing…I love this and it is very sturdy and just what I needed.


  16. jonathan

    The product was easy to assemble, easy to move from one bathtub to another, as long as you sit still when raising and lowering very stable. A safe inexpensive alternative to a walk-in tub for those seniors or others who are unable to lower or raise themselves from the bathtub safely.


  17. DD

    Love, Love, Love this chair. I have bad knees and it was impossible to get in & out of my tub, till I got my chair. It raises & lowers me in tub with ease & comfort. Just wish my tub were longer so I could straighten my legs all the way out when bathing.


  18. WhatAboutTheBee

    Had a broken femur. Was able to take a bath


  19. Mary Ferry

    Although we have not water tested (only a dry run so far) tested this chair, I am expecting to love this chair for my mom who has not been able to get into the bath tub for quite some time. It is easy for her to transfer to the lift and she is barely ambulatory. My reason for writing a review before we have actually used it is the instructions are somewhat vague, or at least to this not at all handy family it was. Don’t over think it… you have to charge the remote first… nothing makes sense until it is powered up. Once it has power, put the suction cups on, snap the two pieces together, stick it in the tub and push the button. It controls both the angle of the back and the lifter with the same button.

    Mary Ferry

  20. Mark Q.

    I bought the bath lift for my 84 year old mom who recently had a total knee replacement. She always took baths and for the last year was unable to get in and out of her antique claw foot tub. I was afraid the suction cups would not hold because the tub has a slight curve in the bottom, but it works great. She is now able to get in and out on her own. The only complaint she has is she can’t slide down and cover most of her body. All in all she is very happy.

    Mark Q.

  21. socca_mom

    I purchased this chair for my elderly mother in 2016. It worked well for her needs. It finally stopped work this year 2023. The battery died (would not hold a charge). So I just ordered a new controller/batty and its like new again.


  22. jojomomma

    Just read the directions, assembly is very simple. This has saved my mother in law’s life by making it possibly for her to bath again. It has improved the lives of her caregivers & family. If it broke tomorrow, we would buy another one asap.


  23. haji1740

    I’ve been searching for a safe way to bathe my disabled young adult child. This is it.


  24. J. H.

    If you’ve had knee or hip replacement you NEED one of these. Works perfectly.

    J. H.

  25. Karen

    No need for walk-in tub – this does the job!


  26. JK Rock

    This is something I should have had years ago

    JK Rock

  27. eeassa

    My mom has dementia and was scared of the shower. The bath chair works great for her. It moves slowly down into tub of water and she’s doing great with it. I would recommend this for the elderly and handicapped if the person is still able to move with Assistance.


  28. Chrissy Rosson

    My elderly mother would not be able to take a bath without this life saver! It is a tremendous help to my dad so he’s able get her in and out of the tub. She was nervous at first but once she tried it out she loves it! She has had it for over 2 years and it works perfectly!

    Chrissy Rosson

  29. Eileen R.

    I happen to love baths vs showers, but as the years have gone by it has become more and more of a chore to lift myself out of the tub. I’ve been managing though and at one point I tried a small bath stool. It helped a little, and then I found this product! It’s been the perfect answer as it takes no effort at all now to get into and out of the tub, and I don’t need any help. I’ve had it only a short time, so can’t speak to it’s reliability.

    Eileen R.

  30. Ruth K.

    There’s nothing my 87 year old mom enjoys more than a bath. Her age has prevented her from taking them. This lift has given that enjoyment back again. She shows it off to everyone that visits her. Wish I had discovered this sooner!

    Ruth K.

  31. marie dailey

    Seems to be well made. Very easy to install and works as advertised.

    marie dailey

  32. RtAt

    Good for the price.


  33. Paul A.

    Love this lift allows me to get down in the water, however wish it went deeper in the bathtub. The seat and mechanism is about 5cm or something like that. I guess it would not work otherwise but still, I wish it did.

    Paul A.

  34. Joy

    Good option for someone who needs help getting in and out of a bathtub for a bath. However, it seemed a little unsteady for a heavier (~130kg) elderly person. It wobbled slightly going up and down, making the resident uncomfortable and insecure.


  35. Aimes

    Sturdy, strong, safely lifts from the tub. We’ve used it for a while and it works great. Medical issues makes it hard to get back up after laying in the tub. This lift solves this problem. We have had no issues using it. It will fold down for easy packing in a car, if we choose to take it with us when we travel.


  36. Penny Lucas

    My Mom wasn’t as stressed when needing to take a bath when we used this chair. Make sure they keep their hands on top of their knees when lowering it so they don’t get their fingers caught. The flap coming down over the side of the tub made it so easy for her to sit and then I put her feet in and she scooted over to the center. I was then able to lower it and she could have a relaxing warm bath. It would be great if they could have it a little lower when completely down so they are able to have their full body covered in water when leaning back. I have now lost my Mom and this was a huge help to give her relaxing moments. Especially when compared to installing a walk In Tub that they want over 60,000 to do.

    Penny Lucas

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