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This grab bar isn’t just about support; it’s about empowering you to move confidently, independently, and peace of mind

Don’t compromise on safety – regain control and independence with our Bathroom Safety Suction Grab Bar. It’s not just a product; it’s your ticket to a safer, more confident daily life.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of safety – order your Bathroom Safety Suction Grab Bar now and take the first step towards a worry-free living space!

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.Elevate bathroom safety with our Bathroom Safety Suction Grab Bar, a versatile and reliable solution designed to provide sturdy support where you need it most. Crafted with your safety in mind, this grab bar is perfect for individuals seeking additional stability and confidence in the bathroom.

Secure Suction Technology
Engineered with powerful suction cups, this grab bar adheres firmly to smooth, non-porous surfaces like tiles and glass, ensuring a secure grip without the need for permanent installation. The reliable suction technology means you can easily reposition the grab bar as needed.

No-Tools Installation
Installing the grab bar is a breeze – no tools or complicated assembly required. Simply position the bar where you need it, press the suction cups firmly against the surface, and flip the locking levers for an instant and secure attachment.

Versatile Placement
Place the grab bar wherever you need extra support – whether it’s in the shower, near the bathtub, or next to the toilet. Its portable design makes it ideal for travel, ensuring you can maintain safety and comfort wherever you go.

Sturdy and Durable
Crafted from high-quality materials, our Bathroom Safety Suction Grab Bar is built to last. The robust construction provides dependable support, giving you peace of mind as you navigate your bathroom with enhanced stability.

Comfortable Grip
The textured surface of the grab bar offers a comfortable and slip-resistant grip, promoting confidence and reducing the risk of accidents.

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  1. ROGER

    If you have a smooth wall, this is probably the product for you.
    I have a small 4cm tile in my shower and no matter how I oriented this bar, one or both of the suction cups were always over the the gap and would not hold. The spacing just doesn’t work for a 4cm tile.


  2. Stacey

    Security because can’t use the walking cane inside the shower


  3. Kal

    My 95-year-old father-in-law was staying with me for 10 days. I put three of these grab bars in my tiled shower. The suction power was checked daily before he showered and remained firm for the whole 10 days.

    The shower walls are covered with 10cm tiles. the grip bars were easy to install and remove, great product at a good price.


  4. Noreen A.

    Bought this bath safety handle when we went to visit my mother last month. She’d already had a previous handle for the claw tub, but it no longer worked and the suction cups were sticky, as if they’d had some kind of adhesive on them. Great safety handle with a strong grip!

    Noreen A.

  5. Velvet70Blue

    Good for providing a sturdy handle for older person to grab in bathroom


  6. sebin joy

    I have been using it on trips. I’m 79 and my balance isn’t what it used to be. It is cheap insurance against falling. I also have one at home. They have saved me from two falls.

    sebin joy

  7. Rosy Han

    Our showers are plastic, with a slight texture to them. The handles stick solid. There is no chance of them moving or sliding, no matter how much weight you put on them.

    Rosy Han

  8. IvaLloyd

    I needed some handles to lift a glass sliding door, and this handle did the trick. BONUS: The kids had a great time with it, too.


  9. cjane

    Used this during a long-term stay in an apartment to assist getting out of a shower with exceptionally high tub sides. Obviously gave it a precautionary tug before use, but it never came loose with day-to-day use. Would definitely recommend.


  10. Mr A Richardson

    I’m an occupational therapist, so I give a fair amount of thought to keeping people safe in the shower. Husband 6’2″ and medium build recently had back surgery. I cleaned the fiberglass shower wall AND both suction cups with alcohol wipes before applying and a month later with every other day use, it’s still rock solid. (And he really pulls on it to get up off the shower chair) If you don’t clean the wall or suction cups well before applying the first time, it won’t stay as well. Still be sure to pull on it and check security before each use regardless. Not as good as a bar installed into the stud, but if that’s not an option, correctly installing this grab bar is a good second choice.

    Mr A Richardson

  11. M Amal

    These grips are excellent in all respects! They are well made of quality material. They are sturdy and stick to my fiberglass shower walls very well. They give excellent support when you grip them. They are exceptionally easy to install. They are attractive and look very natural. I do advise you test them when you get into the shower to be sure they are still firmly attached, but that is only a precaution. We have them in 2 showers and are very happy with them!

    M Amal