Bathtub Hand Rail, Grab Bar

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Fully ergonomic bath support safety rail. Designed to provide a safe and comfortable grip for entering and exiting the bath tub.

The Bathtub Safety Rails help improve safety while using the bathtub by providing users with additional support to help with their balance while standing up or have something to grip on while sitting on the tub.

This Bath Support Safety Rail was designed to fit just about any type of bathtub.

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Provides assistance when getting in and out of the bathtub and helps prevent injuries or falls common in the bathroom.

The Bathtub Safety Rails are made of high quality PVC that is very lightweight but durable at the same time. Installation is as simple as clamping it down and no tools are needed to secure it in place. The clamp grips the edge to the tub securely without making any scratches or unwanted marks once you remove it.

The assist bar is an attractive white colour which is aesthetically pleasing and was styled to perfectly fit for your needs. The bath rails clamp attaches by turning the locking mechanism which tightens the secure grip pads on all bath tub contact points. The pads prevent scratching of the tubs surface and ensure a secure fit.

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Overall height53 cm
Support height38 cm
Support width16 cm
Support depth19 cm
SWL110 kg

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4.8 overall

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  1. Jennifer

    Easy to attach and adjust. Three second removal possible when rail is unneeded or for cleaning.


  2. J. Naylor

    I bought this tub rail to assist my mother when giving her a bath.
    This item was extremely easy to install and is very sturdy. I like the texture on the product and is not something that would slip when wet.
    I positioned this rail on the tub in such a way that it also helps my mother when she needs to lower or raise herself on the toilet.
    I would definitely recommend this product.

    J. Naylor

  3. Jordyn Bourn

    Before I got this I had an awful time getting in and out of the tub to shower. Thought for sure I’d fall and break something. Ordered this..it came in 2 days took like 2 minutes to install and its awesome! Very secure. I can hold on with both hands put all my weight on it and step out of the tub safely.

    Jordyn Bourn

  4. J. Bernstein

    Bought this for my elderly mom. It worked great! It’s super easy to take on and off the side of the tub and gave mom just the support she needed! Would also be a great choice for someone overcoming a leg or foot injury or for someone simply needing a little extra help manoeuvring in and out of the bath! It’s well made and seems like it will last for many years to come. The best part is I can simply store it in my linen closet when it’s not needed

    J. Bernstein

  5. Leo10

    One piece, no assembly, screws right onto the tub and it really makes the difference for me getting out of tub after having my left knee replaced. I left it for husband to install and we both laughed as I could’ve done it, though happy to have him screwing it in as he’s stronger.


  6. Danika Hanck

    My elderly mother recently suffered a fall and is staying with us while recovering. I was worried about her getting in and out of the tub. Even with someone helping her bathe, it is quite tricky getting into the tub with nothing to grab hold of. This rail has really given me added peace of mind. It is the right height to help make it easier for me to help her transfer from her walker to the shower chair that I’ve placed inside the tub. Since the bathroom she’s using is very small, with the toilet right next to the tub, the rail also helps her get up and down from the toilet.

    Danika Hanck

  7. erica ronee

    This is the second one I have ordered I’m not sure I ordered it from the same place but they are essential in my everyday caregiving for my 92 year old mother in law. I have a shower chair for her and then two of these on either side so she can lean on these to get in and out of the tub instead of trying to lean on the shower chair which can move. I would highly recommend them to anyone with any disabilities or that has problems getting in and out of the bathtub. They are stable and last a long time. The only one thing I noticed is that I needed to cover the bolts on the back side so she couldn’t scrape herself by accident. And I did that just by covering it with a thick Bandaid. I use one now in my bathtub and as I have MS and it’s hard to get up from a bathtub and you cannot count on towel holder’s or anything else that hasn’t been secured to the wall into the studs. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product at a good price.

    erica ronee

  8. A.J. Winslow

    Easy-to-use. Perfect for my needs.

    A.J. Winslow

  9. Marissa

    Installed a week ago with zero issues. Cautious while tightening to tub as handle flexed a bit but no real issue.
    Use as support entering/exiting tub and sometimes while showering.
    To date very pleased as product seems secure, not wobbly and height is good.


  10. KallistiKilkenny

    This handle is easy to install and sturdily built. Keep in mind this handle is only for steadiness while entering or exiting the tub and not for weight bearing or use as a safety handle. This handle is more stable on a metal tub than a composite material (plastic type) tub. Must be installed on the straight line of the tub and not on/by the curve. Satisfied with this purchase.


  11. Stephen Stutts

    Works OK. didn’t clamp as well as hoped due to construction of the tub

    Stephen Stutts