Body Support Bed Wedge

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Multi density layer design memory foam bed wedge for comfort and high density rebound foam for support.

Body support wedge offers first grade memory foam softness combined with supporting and durable high rebounding foam core for even weight distribution.

  • Prop yourself up into a comfy sitting position while watching TV or reading a good book.
  • Elevate yourself slightly to slip into a relaxed, deep sleep or to have a refreshing afternoon nap.
  • Help support your tummy when you are lying on your side when pregnant.
  • Help with acid reflux, snoring, allergies, or any other condition which breathing may be impaired in supine position.
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Position #1

When positioned under upper body the bed wedge allows elevation assisting people with breathing difficulties, sinus relief and reflux while being soft enough to protect against pressure sores in the area or marking of prominent bony areas on the spine, buttocks and sacral areas.

Position #2

While being positioned under the lower region of the body, elevates the legs to promote and improve vascular drainage & circulation of the legs as well as elevating the heels for access and aeration for injury care and recovery.

Position #3

Support body wedge pillow positioned against the back of the body offers back roll control, protecting against sacral and spinal pressure.

When positioned against the front of the patient offers forward roll control, protecting the patient against rolling onto their front risking respiratory function or refluxial dysfunction.

  • Memory Foam bed wedge is made from soft and supportive memory foam layer with consideration of patients at high risk of marking and pressure areas.
  • Medical grade memory foam and supporting and durable high rebound foam core.
  • Offers multiple positioning options for various medical situations including high care support, recovery and rehabilitation of patients of all ages.
  • Wedge pillow soft enough to protect against pressure sores in the area or marking of prominent bony areas on the spine, buttocks and sacral areas.
  • Control risk of respiratory function and reflexive dysfunction.
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  1. Annamaria Broz

    Recieved my leg support pillow and back wedge. No more struggling with pillows that collapse. Total bliss! I’m amazed the difference. Great service, beautifully packed, exceptional quality. I have DDD it has given me intense pain and grief. These wedges have improved my comfort totally. I’m delighted

    Annamaria Broz

  2. Jayashree

    One of the few products I have purchased to deliver all of the advertised benefits. Great value for the money spent!!


  3. Renee

    Worth buying! I have trouble with reflux + I’m pregnant and my reflux is extremely bad now. I wasn’t getting any sleep before, now I have a great nights sleep. I put an extra piece of small foam inside for neck support and it’s a lifesaver!


  4. cara letho

    great wedge and really great service and postage. Many thanks

    cara letho

  5. Eshal

    Great service, great price, prompt delivery. Extremely happy.


  6. Greg Murphy

    Works well, reduced my reflux and snoring, comfortable, happy with product.

    Greg Murphy

  7. Cheryl MacDonald

    Great pillow, fantastic store, good communication, fast delivery, thanks so much!

    Cheryl MacDonald

  8. Karen Bowles

    I bought this for my brother who is undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer. This pillow allows him to sleep comfortably in his bed rather than in the recliner.

    Karen Bowles

  9. T.J.

    My wife and I got this because we are trying to conceive. The angle is perfect. A very durable product… Haha


  10. James Lowes

    Works great. I needed elevation to help me breath. It’s comfortable and gives me 3-4 pillows worth of incline. A very soft cushion to touch, gentle and supportive for me.

    James Lowes

  11. DOM

    Soft foam, but not so soft that it just compresses. It’s kind of gives way, then wraps and then comfortably supports if that makes sense at all.

    I am a DOM looking after a facility for one of the largest nursing home operators. I can’t share it here but let’s say our standards are high. After ordering their MediSkin+ bed wedges and pillows to trial a few we now stock these at number of our facilities. The support wedge is a good original product from a company that cares.


  12. Kashif

    Great company, thank you ladies, I really appreciate all the help. I highly recommend.


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