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Soft gel toe separator with bunion protection.

Comfortable, secure toe separators with bunion cushion shield.

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DJMed bunion cover toe spacer help prevent rubbing and soreness at the same time helping to align the major toe in a more natural position.

Closed cell gel does not absorb or breed bacteria, making this a sanitary environment for healing. The double toe loop adds extra stability to the bunion pad, making it perfect for an active lifestyle.

Perfect for use with blisters, calluses, hallux valgus (bunions) and toe overlap, for all day comfort.

Spacer positioned between the toes aligns the toes in a straight, comfortable position, while protecting them from friction. Always ensure you have dried between and around your toes well before using toe spacers, for a healthier bacteria-free environment.

Customer Questions

How should these be cleaned?

Simply hand-wash with warm soapy water and air dry.

Can they be worn on either foot ?

Yes, absolutely.

Does it come in pairs?

Yes, you get two pairs in the box.

Can these be comfortably worn with shoes?

Yes, it depends on what style the shoe it is. They will work really well inside of an athletic shoe, in a ballet flats, not so much.

Do these have latex in them?

No, they are latex free.

Will this product straighten out my big toe? I don't have bunions, but my big toe does angle towards the other ones and i'd like to fix that.

I think these gizmos do what they say they will do. They do help push the big toe away from the others. And the side piece prevents shoes from rubbing against the joint of the bunion. I don’t think this is a miracle cure to permanently straighten the alignment for me but it straightens it enough while it’s in place to take the pain from the bunion away immediately. It feels really good as well. 


Based on 32 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. G. Hill

    I refuse to walk without this now. I wouldn’t have survived my seasonal package handler job without it. They are kinda hard to keep straight when you are putting on socks, but still ok. But I find them comfortable and I’ve been wearing mine for six months and they are in great shape.

    G. Hill

  2. Eloise Parnell

    Very comfortable. Gel type material. Does the job of separating and cushioning the toe and bunion area.

    Eloise Parnell

  3. Shmi.it

    To me, this is the best big toe protector. Provides relief and stays in place when putting on the sock.


  4. Sophia Hatzis

    I like the cushion on the bunion area (healing after bunionectomy) but it will take a little getting used to the spacer between the toes.

    Sophia Hatzis

  5. Elly Frangos

    It does relieve the pain when wearing shoes for keeping my toes straight and not rubbing against the other toe.

    Elly Frangos

  6. James Wright

    It does what it suppose to do, and I like it.

    James Wright

  7. Patric

    These are not magic fixes for bunions, but do add comfort. The shield flap that lays over the bunions does help prevent shoes from rubbing where the bunion touches.


  8. Bondi Sorinne

    a little big for some of my heels but does do the job of keeping toes apart.

    Bondi Sorinne

  9. Ariel Xue

    They work well. I think with these I can hold off on surgery for now.

    Ariel Xue

  10. Emmaliana

    Helps out alot. Great Transaction. Good communication.


  11. Jess Pace

    Fast delivery, thanks, recommended

    Jess Pace

  12. pocketsun

    I wear these daily in my shoes and they prevent my foot from going into pain overload. They help so much.


  13. Maz Draper

    Really helps alleviate pain, great product.

    Maz Draper

  14. Anita K

    What a welcome relief. I have been using this protector for two and a half days now and the difference is remarkable. I can certainly tell my body is reacting favourably.

    Anita K

  15. S. Williams

    It actually helps. A lot in the box, good value for money.

    S. Williams

  16. jack r

    I have the big toe that does not want stay in place. This works perfect for me. I forget it is even on. Thank you very much.

    jack r

  17. Kat Brackley

    If your big toe has been out of alignment as long as mine has it is likely going to resist the repositioning. What that means is the big toe presses against the portion of the protector between your two toes and your second toe bears the pressure of both your toe and the protector pressing into it as your big toe attempts to fall back into what has become a natural position. After two days, however, my weight is distributed more naturally on the ball of my foot, which means my leg, hip and spine are better aligned as well.

    Kat Brackley

  18. abby.may

    These are nice. They do take the pressure off of my bunion and it doesn’t feel awful under shoes. I would buy it again.


  19. Preben Warren

    Works well. Quite comfortable. Easy to rinse out.

    Preben Warren

  20. spring171

    These were a little irritating after several hours when I first started wearing them, but I’ve gotten used to them and don’t feel them now. And they give me bunion relief. they are actually really good.


  21. Femka Van Buuren

    Just received these today and put them on. I got immediate relief from my bunion and hammer toe pain. Fits well in my shoe. Very soft. Would definitely buy again.

    Femka Van Buuren

  22. neyoUp

    A little bit too much pressure, but ok for short periods at a time.


  23. Sjaun Wong

    Quality product and amazing service! Awesome thanx!

    Sjaun Wong

  24. j.r.lee

    great for bunion relief. I wear with socks while I’m sleeping.


  25. P. Kenney

    As described, very generous, thank you

    P. Kenney

  26. Shamita Sivabalan

    Perfect. Quick delivery. Thank you

    Shamita Sivabalan

  27. Samantha B.

    Have a problem with the big toe. This helps a lot and its easy to use.

    Samantha B.

  28. melb.ann.2

    This is an excellent product. The pain in my foot is gone when I wear it.


  29. Ashley Cook

    Great buy and very comfortable and practical for shoes. Friends have asked where I bought this.

    Ashley Cook

  30. DDd

    Hassel free transaction item as described easy as


  31. Mia Jay

    Very good. I love it, my foot hurt’s if I don’t use it.

    Mia Jay

  32. Ann W.

    Very happy thanks

    Ann W.

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