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Hard-working, dependable and sensitive Classic stethoscope is perfect for assessing children or adults

Tunable, adjustable frequency, floating diaphragm allows tuning to enhance high- and low-frequency response in both the adult and pediatric diaphragms.

Flexible PVC tubing provides excellent sound conduction, and the sleek design of this product offers professional styling along with superior clinical performance.

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This Classic Stethoscope features a rotating stainless steel chest piece and double inner-spring binaural. Stethoscope can be used for assessing lung sounds, heart sounds, and bowel sounds. This assessment information is of vital clinical importance, and every healthcare professional needs a reliable stethoscope in order to practice effectively.

A non-chill rubber ring provides for better patient comfort, and latex-free design ensures patient safety. Soft rubber ear pieces make use of this stethoscope comfortable for the healthcare provider.

HIGH PERFORMANCE. Through its excellent material, the Classic stethoscope provides high quality sound conduction, with the ability to tune and adjust frequencies. Reliable and effective use for every healthcare professional.

CLASSIC, SLEEK DESIGN. The stainless steel material and black color gives off a classic and sleek design, adding to its professional vibe. Functional and durable material perfect for long-time use.

WIDE VARIABILITY. The Classic stethoscope allows for monitoring and assessment of a wide variety of patients, may it be pediatric or adults. Perfect for use of many healthcare practitioners.

LATEX FREE. The soft-sealing ear piece and tubing material is latex free. Along with safety, it provides a nice acoustic seal for excellent hearing and a comfortable fit.

EASY TO CLEAN. Tubing material is produced with resistance to skin oils and alcohol to enable longer tube life. Easy to clean with 70% alcohol and less likely to pick up stains.

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Chest piece Stainless steel
 Tube Single lumen tubing
 Ear tips Latex free

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  1. Vanessa M

    I was skeptical because of the price and let’s be honest who has really heard of this brand before? I figured it wasn’t a huge loss if I hated it. But I am happy to report I love mine! I work in a loud busy ER and it’s perfect. I actually did a comparison between this and my coworkers littmann and really couldn’t hear a difference at all.

    Vanessa M

  2. Lien Ocnaf

    If you have ever had your expensive stethoscope take up residence around someone else’s neck; or in my case, lost it in a house fire, you know how frustrating it is. I had a $300 stethoscope, and it was great, but this one is almost as good. This one is also much lighter. This is a great stethoscope for keeping in your bag, or using in a hospital setting. It will not hurt near as bad if it decides to move on, in fact, buy two so you have a backup.

    Lien Ocnaf

  3. Donna Knicely

    Critical care RN here.

    Great stethoscope for the price. Quality product with a budget friendly price. I have a $200 stethoscope that after 5 years the tubing is starting to fail. This was a great replacement. I need a stethoscope to listen to multiple trauma patients in the ED. This is easy to clean and works well. It’s nice to have an inexpensive one that can be bleached after isolation patients as well.

    Donna Knicely

  4. teresauptain

    Why spend more? It works great! My husband has walking pneumonia and ordered this to verify the crackling sounds are not in his lungs. Thankfully they aren’t.

    Thank you for producing this instrument at a great price. I could have spent 3 times as much, but for what? If it’s good enough, why spend so much more?


  5. Ms.Yulia

    My Littmann found new ownership on its own so I was forced to buy another. I didn’t want to spend another fortune incase that one decided to grow legs as well so I figured I’d try a “cheap” one. I’ve found this one to to have the same sound quality as my Littmann, Love it! If this one ever gets “misplaced” I’ll definitely be buying another one!


  6. Amanda McComb

    On initial use, would say that this performs as well as the much more expensive market leader. Seems to be good quality build metal components. Sound quality from diaphragm seems really good.

    Amanda McComb

  7. Avi Avi

    I bought 2 pairs at the same time. After 21yrs of using strictly Littman stethoscope I am now saying goodbye to the high price tag and hello to my new fav. The quality and workmanship of this product is so close to the Littman…change the name on the diaphragm and u won’t be able to tell. Highly recommended.

    Avi Avi

  8. Lexi t

    Good quality for cost

    Lexi t

  9. Diana Flores

    Decent. Good stethoscope. Little sticky feeling on the tube. Longer than my Littman. But sounds good. Good back up.

    Diana Flores

  10. 7puppy

    I can’t believe how great this stethoscope is and it’s so affordable. It’s good quality and I can hear breath sounds very well. I lost my littman and didn’t want to spend $200 for another one. I don’t hear a difference between this one and my littman.


  11. Ruth Ruth

    Better than I expected. I really like the feel of this new stethoscope. The material of the tubing is quite nice and light weight and I don’t believe it will be susceptible to becoming sticky or losing it’s Flexibility. The ear pieces are very comfortable and the sound is very clear.

    Ruth Ruth

  12. S. Madsen

    I was little skeptical about this stethoscope because the price was very low compare to what I pay for Littman and other brands. I work in emergency room so this is a must for me. This is very heavy duty unlike those isolation and one time use stethoscopes. This is as good as my Littman stethoscope. The sound quality is loud and clear.

    S. Madsen

  13. sticks1987

    Great packaging and very quick service.


  14. S. Truesdell

    arrived safely many thanks

    S. Truesdell

  15. coffscoast

    Great sounds, sleek, affordable!


  16. Lizzy

    Great steth for the money.


  17. A. Richard

    Thank you

    A. Richard

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