Clinical Compressor Nebuliser

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Clinical compressor nebuliser with accessory storage compartment

For patients with a respiratory illness, such as asthma, nebulisers offer a quick and effective way to find relief from their symptoms.

With the use of a nebulizer, patients can inhale their prescribed medication directly into the lungs, giving them fast relief from inflammation — and allowing them to breathe easier.

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With flexibility and affordability in mind and to provide patients with more reliability, as well as first class performance, this nebuliser pump has many benefits. It also comes with an adult and child mask, alongside a mouthpiece, and supply tubing that are easily stored in a separate compartment.

A nebuliser changes medication from a liquid to a mist so that it can be more easily inhaled into the lungs. Nebulisers are particularly effective in delivering asthma medications to infants and small children and to anyone who has difficulty using an asthma inhaler.

EASE OF USE. Nebulisers are practically easy to use, which allows it to be utilized at home even without the supervision of a health practitioner. This machine doesn’t require the person to breathe in a certain way, like with the use of inhalers, but rather it only requires breathing normally, but somehow deeply, as the medication is still delivered in a continued basis.

COST EFFECTIVE. Nebulisers are practically inexpensive. Having a nebuliser at home saves you from a trip to the ER, especially if one has asthma or a respiratory illness. Nebulisers can acutely relieve symptoms of respiratory emergencies even at home.

ADAPTABILITY. The use of nebulisers can benefit people with respiratory problems of all ages. This product is already equipped with one adult mask and one child mask, to provide a perfect fit while in use.

EFFECTIVE MEDICATION DELIVERY. Medication delivery in a nebuliser is quick and produces rapid results since it is directly inhaled through the lungs. Oral medications would still undergo digestion and absorption into the bloodstream, which may take a longer time to be in effect.

FEWER SIDE EFFECTS. The intake of medications through a nebuliser produces less side effects compared to taking them orally. Nebuliser therapy can be used for years with less long term side effects.

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Max flow rate8 L/min
Aerosol output ≥0.25 mL/min
MMAD2.53 microns
Sound level≤60 dB
PowerAC ~230V, 50Hz
  • Nebuliser
  • Child mask
  • Adult mask
  • (5) Replacement filters
  • Nebuliser bowl
  • Nebuliser mouth piece
  • User guide

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  1. luke

    Arrived on time, easy to set up and use, got this for my Aunt after another hospital stay and she likes it because it is exactly the same as she had used in hospital, also just knowing she has it has reassured her that she shouldn’t find herself at hospital because she needs a nebuliser.


  2. Oli Yates

    My wife has bad asthma, her peak flow was dropping due to chest infection and nebulised saline helped to improve this.

    Oli Yates

  3. richard67

    Bought for family member as suffers from COPD. although uses it rarely it helps clear secretions incredibly well. Has every piece available for comfort including nasal cannula and full mask. Includes number of filters also.Fabulous little nebuliser for those who need it.


  4. Eddie Lacoos

    Much smaller than the previous unit we bought 20 years ago. Easy to use; the hose and attachments store neatly away in large compartment.

    Eddie Lacoos

  5. Raj Singh

    This was a good product it what they use in my local hospital

    Raj Singh

  6. Emma

    I like the machine because you could pack everything inside


  7. count funkula

    I was in hospital recently and used this machine. It was so helpful with my breathing I decided to purchase one when I got home. It hasn’t disappointed me , works great. I must confess I obtained a larger and better mask just for my comfort but the two masks that come with it are sufficient.

    count funkula

  8. Chris

    Good piece of kit. For my partner who’s got copd


  9. Ru menaya

    Brilliant machine, easy to set up, instructions about keeping clean are straight forward

    Ru menaya

  10. Margaret anderson


    Margaret anderson

  11. Brooke

    I never leave reviews but felt I had to for this. At a time when I needed one of these for my mum with Covid-19, it made the difference for her receiving her meds. This device replaced her previous battery operated one. My mum said the airflow was brilliant and main powered. Provided her with the reassurance she needed of it working every time.


  12. Mary

    Excellent, Same as I used in Hospital.


  13. Katie Lowrie

    Good to use

    Katie Lowrie

  14. L. Thompson

    This is a great machine. It is much quieter than other machines that we’ve had in the past.

    L. Thompson

  15. Nadine B.

    The Size, Weights Less Than Old One. Easy to travel with. Good size.

    Nadine B.

  16. SKral

    Works very really well, to make it vibrate less I put little rubber feet on this from Bunnings.


  17. Christine Miles

    Very satisfied with this nebuliser. Ordered it here for myself.. I had another one for 3 years and it has worn out. So time for a new one. Very good.

    Christine Miles

  18. Karen Lydoni

    Fast shipping thank you. This is a good nab machine, good size. I now use it almost daily. DeVilbiss has a very strong flow.

    Karen Lydoni