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Square donut cushion’s voided center frees the effected area from pressure.

For effective relief and recovery from child birth, hemorrhoids, fistulas, lower back pain, tailbone injury and prostate surgery.

  • Filled with silicone fiber, has some of the features of natural wool: anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-odour, soft, breathable and washable.
  • Donut soft and comfortable yet firm enough to prevent compressing under normal weight load.
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  • Suitable for use with most seats including office chairs, wheelchairs and chairs and sofas.
  • Washable by hand or gentle machine with cold water and non-abrasive detergents.
  • Brush and shake regularly to extend effectiveness and product lifespan.


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Cushion fillingSoft silicone fibre
Cushion coverSoft Faux Fur

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  1. Logan’s mom

    I was having horrible coccyx pain and sciatica. This was my saving grace! I was very doubtful and hesitant but after not being able to walk one evening due to so much pain I gave in. I was 18 weeks pregnant when I bought this and had been with pain for several weeks. I am currently 22 wks and have been using at work everyday. I’m a nurse and I’m constantly up and down and this cushion has slowly improved my pain dramatically. I am no longer in unbearable pain, now it’s the usual pregnancy discomforts.

    Logan’s mom

  2. Katherine Scott

    I bought this pillow after having a small procedure done and it was great relief. I was a bit skeptical at first honestly, but it really made all the difference, it comes ready to sit on and its super plush and comfortable.

    Katherine Scott

  3. Nardo

    I do a lot of distance driving, and I also recently had to take a couple of cross continental flights. All of the sitting usually leaves my body in so much pain, I had come to dread travel and even vacations. On normal seats, the pain radiates out of my gluteal muscles and down my legs, and ultimately up through my back and shoulders within a couple of hours. By the time I get where I’m going, I could cry because the pain is so bad, and as a result I end up in a bad mood. Not a great way to arrive at your destination!

    This pillow works so great, that even though I don’t love all the sitting, travel has become virtually pain-free.


  4. TFischer

    I bought this pillow long before I thought I’d need it. Good thing I HAVE it now!. Nothing else I tried gave me seat relief like this pillow. It supports in ALL the right places.


  5. F.McCullough

    I actually bought this for my cat, and he loves it. The center hole gives him a nice comfy fit – he’s not a large or fat cat. I tried it before letting him make it his throne, and it was comfortable enough for me. It is super cushy, and gives support. I would recommend a larger size for someone with a big rump, though.


  6. GorillaGluu

    Comfortable, no inflating, I messed my tailbone up pretty bad, takes the pressure off so I can actually sit normal.


  7. Ann

    Got this for my mom. She had a sore on her tailbone from sitting too much. It was gone in just a couple of weeks and healed up. She uses it all the time now.


  8. Lauren

    Bought this pillow for my husband after he had a cyst removed by his tailbone. This helped him while driving and made sitting more comfortable for him. It also took the pressure off of the area where he had stitches.


  9. Christine Robbins

    Very comfortable donut. This is my third one. I have one for my computer chair and car.

    Christine Robbins

  10. Rebecca

    I use this donut for my exercise routine. I lay on my side with my hip in the hole. Then I do leg lifts and leg turns to keep the movements effective with out hurting my other hip in the process.


  11. Peter B.

    A bit soft for my liking. Good service and fast delivery.

    Peter B.

  12. Rege

    No problems here. Ring cushion as described and fast postage. Thank you.


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