DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask

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Fit all CPAP & APAP Machines – Silent – Comfortable

Nasal CPAP mask interfaces directly in to the nostrils. Side sleepers enjoy this mask type and it works really well with low pressures. This is also a good mask to choose for patients with facial hair.

Devilbiss CPAP nasal mask comes in three sizes and is adjustable to help with patient comfort. It is incredibly lightweight and designed to reduce contact with patients face and skin to further increase comfort.

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Does the idea of a mask that covers your nose make you feel claustrophobic? Do you move to many different sleeping positions through out the night? Do you wear facial hair?

The DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask is a cost-effective solution that delivers comfort, durability and simplicity for effective CPAP therapy.

This nasal CPAP mask is an ideal solution for comfortable long-term use. It has a four-point adjustable headgear for a secure fit that is individually customised to the patient. For extended use with maximum comfort, it has a lightweight construction, with moulded silicone cushioning, and three sizes of forehead pad included with every mask.

The tube connection has a 360 degree swivel for optimum tube position and ease of mobility. The headgear straps are easily adjustable to get an effective seal, ensuring high patient compliance. The mask is exceptionally simple to fit, with convenience of cleaning and maintenance. The DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP mask is also available as a full-face mask.

The CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask features ultimate adjustability. The headgear can be adjusted to fit a variety of head sizes and shapes. In addition, the nasal pillows themselves, which come in three varying sizes, are adjustable to guarantee a good fit. The mask features a full 360 degree rotating elbow to allow for patient movement. The pillow is quiet and both intake and exhaust are silent.

Nasal pillow mask may not be ideal for patients that have a significant air leakage through the mouth. If you find yourself breathing though the mouth try using a chinstrap or a full face CAPA mask.

CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask ensures that CPAP treatment can continue without disruption or worry, even at the most vulnerable times. Especially, while sleeping, those with breathing problems and who are undergoing CPAP treatment are at the highest risk. For that reason, this CPAP nasal pillow mask comes equipped with a headgear device to ensure that even while sleeping there is no risk of disrupted treatment. In addition, there are three varying pillow sizes to accommodate a range of patients.

Download: Nasal Mask Sizing Guide

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  1. Frederik

    This is by far the best CPAP Nasal mask that I have ever had! I’ve tried several different masks and this is by far the quietest, most comfortable, and least expensive masks that I have tried. It is also the least offensive to my bed-mate since it is so quiet and the air exhaust seems to be non-directional and does not blow into the face of my bed partner as some other masks in my experience do.


  2. Matthew West

    This is the fourth mask that I have tried. Although the price was lower than the previous three I had tried, I found that it was by far the quietest. Which was most important to my wife.

    Matthew West

  3. Paul Samons

    I love it! I have been using nasal pillows but have finally acknowledged that I am allergic to the pillows after many nasal and finally a bad bacterial infection. Prior to pillows I had used about 8 different masks all unsuccessfully. Too big, noisy, leaky etc. Well I have found one now that is small enough for my face, minimum leakage, is on a swivel and best of all quite.

    Paul Samons

  4. Peter M.

    I have used other more expensive masks in the past and have frankly been less than impressed with the fit/headgear and cost of replacement parts. I bought this based on the cost alone. Actually priced less than replacing the headgear on my old mask. I have used it for about a 1 week now and have been very happy so far. The headgear fits well.

    Peter M.

  5. James D.

    In six year of various masks, this one is tops for comfort and sound level.

    James D.

  6. J Cobber

    Most important it was a real bargain. Good fit for me too.

    J Cobber

  7. exsailor

    Very comfortable and like the nasal pillows over a face mask. Has good durability, looks good. A good mask if you have facial hair.


  8. Graeme

    That top loop makes it a bit more comfortable in “some” sleeping positions. Anyway, the mask is VERY light, and is easy to sleep with.


  9. Peter

    Exactly what I was looking for. Arrived right away. at less then half the price of ResMed. Happy to save.


  10. R. renaux

    Seems to work great, i give it 5. delivered fast. The is a great product.

    R. renaux

  11. Russ K.

    All good, thank you.

    Russ K.

  12. ian007

    Love this headgear. I am both side sleeper and sometimes on my back and this keeps my hose out of the way for me. Comfortable fit as well. I’ve been using a CPAP for about 5 years now, I am use to a nasal pillow now. Cheaper then a $270 Philips Respironics one.