Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser

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Compressor nebuliser built in to a very cool and fun dinosaur shape

A nebuliser is a machine used to change liquid medication into a vapour that you can inhale. It works by pumping pressurised air through the liquid to form a fine mist, which can then be breathed in through a mask or mouthpiece.

Designed specifically for kids to enjoy while in use. Easy to bring anywhere.

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In stock

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EASE OF USE. When inhaling from a nebuliser, there’s no need to breathe in forcefully or use your hands and there are no special techniques required at all—you simply breathe as normal. This is particularly beneficial for young children, the elderly and people with limited hand mobility.

EFFECTIVE MEDICATION DELIVERY. Medication delivery in a nebuliser is quick and produces rapid results since it is directly inhaled through the lungs. Oral medications would still undergo digestion and absorption into the bloodstream, which may take a longer time to be in effect.

CHILD-FRIENDLY. This nebuliser is designed specifically for kids’ use. With an adorable bunny design, nebuliser therapy would be easy because it doesn’t intimidate young kids.

COST EFFECTIVE. Nebulisers are practically inexpensive. Having a nebuliser at home saves you from a trip to the ER, especially if one has asthma or a respiratory illness.

ADAPTABILITY. The use of nebulisers can benefit people with respiratory problems of all ages. This product is already equipped with one adult mask and one child mask, to provide a perfect fit while in use.

FEWER SIDE EFFECTS. The intake of medications through a nebuliser produces less side effects compared to taking them orally. Nebuliser therapy can be used for years with less long term side effects.

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Max flow rate8 L/min
Aerosol output ≥0.25 mL/min
MMAD2.53 microns
Sound level≤60 dB
PowerAC ~230V, 50Hz
  • Nebuliser
  • Child mask
  • Adult mask
  • (5) Replacement filters
  • Nebuliser bowl
  • Nebuliser mouth piece
  • User guide


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  1. sallyanne m

    Easy to use. Good quality. Very compact. I don’t use the puppet as I distract my baby and it’s very hard to keep the mask im a good position. I don’t use the string to keep the mask because it’s uncomfortable for the baby.

    sallyanne m

  2. Caz

    This nebuliser is a big step up from my compact one, so easy to use and more powerful saved me from being rushed to hospital it get 5 star’s from me.


  3. senii

    Looks like a really cool toy, but is a serious piece of kit. It seems quitter and treatment goes faster then a hospital unit was on loan.


  4. Virali Patel

    Very neat, does the job. Also fun!

    Virali Patel