DJMed EliteFeet – Orthotic Shoe Insoles

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Arch Support, full length, orthotic shoe insoles. Rightsized for easy fit.

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DJMed EliteFeet Orthotic shoe insoles are medical grade support insoles that address arch problems and correct over-pronation. They are lightweight and have an ergonomic heel cradle and strong arch, for increased stability and comfort in every step.

The surface fabric of EliteFeet Orthotic shoe insoles minimises friction, preventing blisters and allowing the foot to stay cool and dry. The moisture wicking material helps minimise overheating, sweating and odour.

Orthotic insoles offer relief from fatigue and the discomfort of vigorous activities like walking and running.

EliteFeet Orthotic insoles are therapeutic grade supports that provide the right amount of cushioning to increase stability and reduce pain, while remaining flexible and comfortable. They are perfect for athletic shoes, casual footwear, work shoes and boots, for consistent comfort and protection.

Orthotic arch support comfort increases stability and protects against the pain and fatigue associated with extended periods of standing on hard flooring, vigorous activity and for those suffering from conditions induced by flat feet.

The airated surface fabric is designed to encourage a healthy and comfortable environment for your feet. The lightweight, breathable base design improves airflow, allowing the foot to stay cool and dry, odour and bacteria free.

BEST FIT: Suitable for enclosed footwear, such as athletic shoes, work footwear, dress shoes and casual shoes, with a slimmer forefoot area to help reduce overfilling in tighter fitting shoes.

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  1. Matt M.

    I am a “seasoned” nurse. I am approaching 30 years of working 12 hour(and longer) shifts on concrete. I am here to tell you, protect yourself, if you work on concrete. The human body isn’t made to do it hour after hour. I have chronic plantar fasciitis. I’ve had the prescription orthotics, approaching $500.

    I have had those ridiculous ones where you stand on the machine at the store and it chooses a style for you. These are easily as good as my $500 pair. I put these in all my shoes(they have some for heels too!). I did upsize my shoes by a half size rather than trim these.

    Matt M.

  2. David Bryant

    good delivery time

    David Bryant

  3. m&m

    Try these out. Don’t stack the insoles as many tend to do, if the old ones are glued in , work them out ot replace them with these. Give them a little time to get your arches get use to them and you will probably never look back. Your calves and heels may cry a little in the beginning since you are shifting the “footprint” of your step which will transfer the changes in your joints and muscle up your ankles and calves and maybe even knees. It is ok, as you have even using those muscles and joints to compensate for poor walking habits anyways and they are just thanking you.