DJMed Signature Comfort – Orthotic Shoe Insoles

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Arch support with viscoelastic comfort cushion. Full length orthotic shoe insoles. Rightsized for easy fit.

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DJMed Signature Comfort Orthotic Shoe Insoles are a medical grade offer full support, maximum cushioning, with built in metatarsal pad addressing true arch problems and related conditions. They are light weight with an ergonomic heel cradle for increased stability contouring to the heels natural shape.

The top fabric of DJMed’s Signature Comfort Orthotic Shoe Insoles minimize friction preventing blisters and allow the foot to stay cool and dry.

DJMed’s Signature Comfort Orthotic insoles offer relief from all day constant fatigue and the discomfort of vigorous activities like running. These are a premium DJMed orthotic product made for strong Medical grade support providing the right amount of cushioning to increase stability and reduce pain, while remaining flexible and comfortable.

Comfort for those suffering from flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis diabetic foot conditions and many more.

Suitable for enclosed footwear such as Athletic Shoes, Work foot wear, Dress and Casual Shoes.

BEST FIT: Suitable for enclosed footwear, work footwear, dress shoes and casual shoes, with a slimmer forefoot area to help reduce overfilling in tighter fitting shoes. Remove your shoe’s existing insoles if possible to replace with your new DJMed insoles. For regular insole wearers, it is recommended that you purchase your footwear in a larger size, to allow for your added insoles.

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  1. Mary Ann Spranger

    Used on trip with lots of walking and I’m sure they helped.

    Mary Ann Spranger

  2. J. Wong

    This is my 6 times order , I love this insoles it comfortable when I walk I don’t feel the pain anymore, I order again this time for my trip ..I give 5 stars for this insoles

    J. Wong

  3. Ronald L Counts

    My order arrived a day earlier than promised. I placed them in my shoes and they fit perfectly. No trimming required. After putting on the shoes, I was delighted with the comfort. My feet haven’t hurt since. Definitely 5 stars!

    Ronald L Counts

  4. rockstar

    This is my second pair. The first pair was prescribed to me by my podiatrist before my bunion surgery. I have continued to use them in post surgery phase. For all new users you need to allow your feet to get used to being reshaped on how you walk and run. Ever notice when you buy a pair of running shoes or any shoes you are paying $80-150/pair or more, the insole in the shoes are worth about $0.50 ? Well the mfg wont give you quality insoles in cheaper or more expensive shoes because they know that quality insoles will increase the life to the shoe since you will likely wear them properly and not buy more pairs of shoes.


  5. TammyN

    If you have pain on the bottom of you feet and/or your ankle, I highly recommend getting these because they are worth it. I could not be happier with these because they took my pain away. I am so grateful to those who commented on these and got me to buy them. Thank you and Djmed for saving my feet and taking my pain away.

    Update: Bought a pair for my husband and he loves them. Stopped his knee pain 🙂


  6. fara007

    Thank you for your help on the phone


  7. Roger O. Thornhill

    Need them in all my shoes now.

    Roger O. Thornhill

  8. Paul S.

    Quick postage and arrived on time

    Paul S.

  9. shasta50

    Great product, thanks!


  10. Michael Yoshizawa


    Michael Yoshizawa