Diagnostic Stethoscope, Dual Head

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Classic dual head, a bell and floating, tunable diaphragm design, made with precision stainless steel

Dual head stethoscope is a quality diagnostic instrument used for the auscultation of heart, lung and bowel sounds.

Hard-working clinical tool with the acoustic sensitivity and versatility you can rely on.

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In stock


In stock

$114.97 for 3 items

Non-chill rim and diaphragm provide patients welcome and comfort.

  • Consistent high acoustic sensitivity from precision-machined stainless-steel chest-piece.
  • Resilient, single lumen tubing provides longer product life.
  • Variable pressure, tunable frequency technology
  • Compact design is ideal for physical assessment and monitoring of your patients.

TUNABLE DIAPHRAGM: By slightly adjusting pressure on chest piece, ability to hear high- or low- frequencies is possible during monitoring.

WIDE VARIABILITY. This classic dual head stethoscope allows for monitoring and assessment of a wide variety of patients. Perfect for use of many healthcare practitioners.

LATEX FREE. The soft-sealing ear piece and tubing material is latex free. Along with safety, it provides a nice acoustic seal for excellent hearing and a comfortable fit.

EASY TO CLEAN. Tubing material is produced with resistance to skin oils and alcohol to enable longer tube life. Easy to clean with 70% alcohol and less likely to pick up stains.

SKU: 505150 Category:
Chest piece Stainless steel
 Tube Single lumen tubing
 Ear tips Latex free


Based on 10 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. A. Adair

    I ordered this when my old pricey brand broke and I didn’t feel like paying a lot for a new one. I was surprised how good the sound quality was for the price of this.

    I would say this is 5 stars for the price. Obviously If you’re used to expensive steths, may notice the difference but I think this one does fine.

    A. Adair

  2. stephani

    Recently purchased this after losing an expensive Littman and I must say, this is definitely worth the price. I’m an RN who works in an community hospital and, quite frankly, this does the job. It does feel a little “less pricey” than some of the higher end stethoscopes, but I hear breath and heart sounds wonderfully with this and others who have used it have expressed the same. I would totally recommend this to anyone in a hospital who doesn’t need a fancy or expensive stethoscope. It’ll let you get your assessment completed and because there are various colors you can select, it’ll give your uniform some personality. If for some reason I lose this (I bought a name badge with it) I would buy another one of these.


  3. Dobergirl77

    I can hear much better out of this than my Littman. I decided to replace my cracked Littman with something cheaper until Covid subsides. I do not regret my choice one bit! I think I’ll stick with this one.


  4. OptimusWombat

    I can hear heart and lung sounds much better with this one. I have no regrets with this purchase. I hope more people consider it as an alternative to the more expensive Littman cardiology my school recommended. My clinical instructor approved of it as well.


  5. lyianx10

    Lightweight, good price. Just what I need. The old one is no working any more and I need to replace it, but don’t wanna spend too much. Working great, sound clear. The ear tips are soft and comfy. You could simply using alcohol to clean up the stethoscope when it gets dirty. I like it because it is lightweight comparing to the other.


  6. Cassie Amick

    Great Sound, good quality, inexpensive!

    Cassie Amick

  7. Jean Smith

    Excellent stethoscope for the price. For the great value this is an excellent stethoscope for every day use.

    Jean Smith

  8. Gabriel

    I am a nurse, and this stethoscope is just as good as the stethoscopes I used for my practice, but my other one is for babies as I am a pediatric nurse. I bought it to use on my husband as he has episodes and for checking blood pressures. I used it on myself and it is amazing quality for the price. My youngest is getting ready to start nursing school and I believe this one will be fine for him as well.


  9. Nataliae

    Great buy for the price. Not as clear as my former littman scope but definitely a decent product


  10. chace

    For the price, I was impressed. I have one of the $200 stethescopes, and I wouldn’t say it is on the same level as that, but for a survival kit or an emergency situation, this would be perfect. Maybe new earpieces, these are a little stuff, but I really can’t complain for the price.


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