Oval Foam Donut Coccyx Cushion

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Recovery, comfort, pressure relief, unzip and wash cover, does not deflate.

Ideal for after childbirth, haemorrhoid sufferers or lower back pain.

Coccyx oval shaped doughnut cushion with a voided centre. Made with high resilience foam for support that comfortably conforms to your body contours and reduces pressure to the area of discomfort.

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In stock


In stock

$129.89 for 2 items

The round, oval shape of the coccyx donut cushion allows you a superior fit for chairs, car seats, office chairs, planes or wheelchairs. Beautifully soft cover is easily removable and easy to wash with the rest of your laundry. Ring donut cushion cover: easily removable and washable.

Original DJMed doughnut coccyx cushion can help ease chronic pain in your lower back and assist with a bruised or even fractured tailbone. It is also highly favored for maternity use, during pregnancy and post delivery conditions and offers much favored relief to haemorrhoid sufferers.

Donut pillow is helpful with relieving pressure and discomfort especially during or post-surgery, pregnancy or trauma and gives much relief to haemorrhoid sufferers. The foam of the cushion is medium-firm to provide void support to the sensitive area without compressing too much.

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Firmness/SoftnessSoft to medium


Customer Questions

Does this cushions fit on an economy airplane seat?

The great thing about this cushion that I found is that it fits horizontally and vertically. It is a bit narrower in vertical but still works and definitely would fit in an airplane seat. Horizontal placement might also fit, but I’m not as sure. It does fit horizontally in a regular chair in my home office.

Is the removable cover safe in the washing machine for easy cleaning?

Yes and very easy, wash on gentle setting and hang dry.

Is this cushion ok to use in a car?

Yes, absolutely, easy to use where ever space permit.

How does the firmness compare with the inflatable type? Seems like foam would just flatten out with all your weight on it.

The cushion is very firm and doesn’t flatten, but still a lot more comfortable and more supportive then the inflatable I tried previously. Also it does not deflate thought the day.

What does work to take pressure off your bottom from having a bedsore?

Yes, depending on the exact position of the bedsore you may have to adjust your positioning.

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4.9 overall

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  1. sophynix24

    This morning I received my order: the Oval Foam Donut Coccyx Cushion! It was super fast timing too from when I put in my order. I was so pleased with the speed of service! Best of all… this is the best pressure cushion I’ve EVER had! It is so comfortable, and for a result, it wins hands down… I have NO pain! Thank you to Dear Jane for a super product!


  2. Punky

    Purchased this to enable me to lie on my side while listening to music wearing Bluetooth earbuds. Absolutely ideal for this.
    Prompt courier delivery. Less expensive than anywhere I could reasonably locate on the interweb!


  3. Angela

    Great product! Perfect for my tailbone pain in my third trimester. Eases my pain. The delivery is super fast too! I ordered this Thursday morning and received it Friday morning which is great as I really needed it fast.


  4. Tania Laird

    I received my pillow this morning and just love it. I have been suffering bad coccyx pain as I sit most of the day to work.
    No pain today.
    Thank you

    Tania Laird

  5. emma181

    So much much nicer than those chemist blow up rubber ones. Very comfy!


  6. polly.sa

    I have sever “bed sores” on my buttocks. That was the reason I bought the pillow. It worked well and was comfortable.


  7. MsBunBody

    Its ok. It did it’s job, but wasn’t very comfortable after having surgery. I like the design though and think it’s not flawed, but just not the right one for me.


  8. lew1954

    Fantastic, well packaged….speedy delivery..just great


  9. MilaLid

    This is very comfortable and the cover comes off for easy cleaning. It is big enough and wears well.


  10. Dianne W. A.

    Lifesaver if you are having surgery done anywhere near that sensitive area.

    Dianne W. A.

  11. Julie Levin

    Bought this because I started having pain from sitting too much at work while pregnant. It definitely helps

    Julie Levin

  12. Linda

    This is a lifesaver for me. Fractured my tail bone many years ago and have suffered with pain every since. This cushion has worked wonders by taking off the pressure when I sit.


  13. 99days

    This is a great cushion.. needed it for a week or so, and I continue to use it even after! This is a great cushion.


  14. Timothy McCaskey

    pillow is perfect for the car. We have one for the house as well. Eliminates sciatica problem, good colour

    Timothy McCaskey

  15. joy wejbe

    Worked for my wife as well as for friend who borrowed it after she delivered a baby.

    joy wejbe

  16. MommyLisa

    I gained a ton of weight with my pregnancy and found sitting on certain types of chairs to be really unbearable as I get closer to the end. This little thing has made sitting totally bearable no matter where I’ve been. I’ve never had problems like this before and have no tolerance at all for pain. I really was surprised that something so simple and so thin feeling really worked well for me.


  17. Ike66

    Satisfied. Very comfortable, and does its job. I’m a big guy, it works fine for me.


  18. yCallie

    Needed a new one our old one for my mom was 9 yrs old. This one got here quickly and is perfect.


  19. EJ

    Soft and comfortable.


  20. lanasomez

    This donut cushion is very comfortable and does exactly what it needs to. I will be purchasing another one to keep in my car.


  21. shepone

    Excellent service, communication, and postage


  22. Anne Slater

    Bruised coccyx or episiotomy: this is what you want. It works just fine, and afterward you can let your cat sleep on it.

    Anne Slater

  23. Emma Martinho

    An excellent quality product & fast delivery.

    Emma Martinho

  24. Rich Sackett

    Working good so far. Fast delivery. thnaks.

    Rich Sackett

  25. Lovelly Lea

    My rump has not hurt one single day since receiving my pillow! Thank you!

    Lovelly Lea

  26. Will L.

    Great for the price

    Will L.

  27. perylm417

    Communication easy, postage prompt, wonderful item


  28. Sam Cook

    This meets my needs perfectly. I bought two, one to use in the house and one in the car.

    Sam Cook

  29. mac.a

    Thanks,fast delivery,excellent. exactly as described


  30. Jade Kroll

    a basic donut foam cushion which worked well in relieving hemorrhoids when sitting while pregnant. The foam has a good firmness that doesn’t sink in.

    Jade Kroll

  31. Raymond

    That little bit of needed extra support for the tired tush. From all the pillows and cushions that I have over time ordered for my elderly father, he personally likes this one the best.


  32. Lynkaily

    Bought originally for my mother, but she didn’t like it. Gave it to my daughter and she loves it. I had bought one of theses a few years ago but it didn’t have a removable cover. This is a good improvement.


  33. annnayau

    Great communication and delivered promptly


  34. Trevor

    This the answer to the cheap plastic inflatables. This is comfortable and seems to be designed to last for years. The cheap plastic ones I used last in one case less than a week and this one is more comfortable. You’ll save money even if you only have to use this donut for a few weeks.


  35. chuckedoo

    Great cushion, very helpful, would recommend


  36. ginaG

    Perfect, got it for my husband who has sciatica , he is a lot happier now, he loves it


  37. Spectra

    Was a life saver after surgery. I have this seat cushion on my office chair. Good.


  38. AhameXMola

    My tailbone was so sore after giving birth I couldn’t seat anywhere! This fixed the problem and although the pain is gone, I still use it as it is just very comfy.


  39. Jeff G.

    Good, inexpensive cushion. Perfect for all Butts 😉 I bought this product for my wife after visiting a relative that was using this same one.

    Jeff G.

  40. mrs_moanam

    Brilliant seat cushion thankyou


  41. M.Nathanson

    I have had coccydnia (tail bone pain) quite bad and it has lasted for more than one year. It will not cure your pain but it will make it much more tolerable when you have to sit.


  42. may

    You can definitely trust the other FIVE STAR reviews! But my husband is 115kg and it supports him fine and keeps its shape.


  43. pila

    Ahhh! Relief
    Sit all day in studio. This is great for back pain relief.


  44. tjs

    Very quick and efficient would recommend to anyone thank you


  45. J.E.Low

    Husband liked it


  46. Cedar Wolf

    I am not a small woman, and this cushion is perfect. It protects me from skin breakdown, and is very comfortable. I am disabled and must sit much. And the price is very good!

    Cedar Wolf

  47. LbLb

    Been sitting on this for quite some time now and my coccyx is about as happy as it’s ever going to be.


  48. Samantha S

    Great for Pregnancy Pain. Pregnancy was putting strain on my lower back/tailbone and using this cushion on my work chair has made a tremendous difference.

    Samantha S

  49. Chi

    This is my fourth cushion I’ve tried for tailbone pain and this is the one that worked for me. Does the trick. Because of this cushion I’ve started to heal from my tailbone pain when sitting did nothing but aggravate it previously.


  50. Romana

    Item as described, quick delivery.


  51. Crystal Sau Ka Liu

    i can’t sit after i delivered my baby. With this, I can sit now. It’s durable. I have been using it for 4 weeks.

    Crystal Sau Ka Liu

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