DJMed Stamina – Anti-Fatigue Soft Cushion Insoles

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Soft anti-fatigue in-shoe cushion, trim to fit shoe insoles.

DJMed Anti-fatigue insole cushions the most vulnerable zones of the foot against the stress of continuous impact that causes fatigue and with every step. Offering a feeling of relief from many painful foot conditions and a sensation of comfort.

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Mens 5-7.5
Mens 8-10.5
Womens 4-6.5
Womens 7-10
Womens 10.5-14
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Gel cores under the Heel and Metatarsal area cushions against painful impact pressure. Raised heel edge cups and stabilises your every step. Ventilated design minimises overheating, sweating and odour.

Unique medical grade materials offer optimum softness. Moulded shape and rebounds even after long periods of use so your insoles stay comfortable longer.

SUITABLE FOR: Comfort for those suffering from Metatarsal pain, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis diabetic foot conditions and many more.

BEST FIT: Shoe insoles are suitable for enclosed footwear such as athletic shoes, work, hiking, dress and casual shoes for all day comfort.

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BASEAnti-deform, Impact absorbinging Medical standard PU
HEEL COREHigh impact performance gel foam
METATARSAL COREHigh impact performance gel foam
SURFACELow sheer soft moisture wicking fabric

Customer Questions

Are these insoles true to size? I usually wear a men's 10

Yes they run true. You can also trim them to fit perfectly. Use your old insole and trace on the new one to get the exact length. There are also markings on the insoles to help, but trimming against exiting other already works for you is a lot more accurate.

Is the arch rigid, soft, or flexible?

It’s a flexible arch pad with a really good soft bounce from the PU foam. PU foam keeps shape a lot longer./vc_toggle]

How long do these last?

My last pair lasted about 2+ years but I’m not an avid runner. I run about 3 days a week. A lot longer than a pair of shoes does.

Can I wash these?

Yes, use warm soapy water, hand wash and air dry.

Do they work for working boots?

They work great in work boots. Makes a long day so much easier on your feat. They are perfect for this.

Would this be good for bone spurs in the heel?

Not sure about bone spurs but, my wife uses these and she walks/runs around 15km per day and she does not have any shin or heel problems since she started using these. I have bought 4 pairs now between us. There’s quite a bit of thickness in the rubber like foam at the heel area so I’m thinking it would be ok for bone spurs.

Based on 48 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. J.Pecar

    Replaced my Addidas cloudfoam sneaker’s stock insole(because of worn out). Feels great.


  2. Max Fischer

    These insoles are very comfortable. They have an amazing amount of cushion and shock absorption but do not take up so much room that it squeezes my feet. I like like them much better then any Dr. Scholls insoles that i have tried. I have only used them for three weeks so I am not sure how they hold up long term, but so far they have been great.

    Max Fischer

  3. Noah Taylor

    So these were recommend by my physical therapist because this plantar faciitis has been giving me a fit. They are so soft and comfortable to wear. I got 2 pairs so I can rotate them. Highly recommend.

    Noah Taylor

  4. Lucas K.

    Super comfy. Used in my hiking boots. Replaced the uncomfortable ones that come in the shoes.

    Lucas K.

  5. Y. K. Li

    My husband loves these. No more coming home in pain. Easy to trim down, insert in the shoe, and it stays in place. I will continue to purchase these for as long as he needs them. He said it has made a huge difference being on concrete floors all day.

    Y. K. Li

  6. O Jimenez

    Works fine. Does add a degree of comfort to my shoes.

    O Jimenez

  7. Donna

    Very good. I got a pair of these and wanted another pair. For a non orthotic they have great arch support. I had them in my size 11 women’s sneakers (yes I have big feet) but had to cut them down for a dress shoe size 10 so needed a second pair for my spare sneakers. I have long narrow feet with high arch and prone to plantar fasciitis.


  8. Christina R.

    Thank you for prompt delivery recommended

    Christina R.

  9. Jane Rouse

    These are great! I’m 8 months pregnant and the shoes I’ve been wearing are no longer good with my pregnancy weight. These inserts give me the comfort and support I need to make it to the finish line.

    Jane Rouse

  10. Julia Toft

    They feel so good in my gym shoes!

    Julia Toft

  11. Pamela Ungur

    A new definition for cushioning!

    Pamela Ungur

  12. Lisa Savage

    My feet thank you! I’m on my feet 16 hours a day. Tried everything else. Nothing has felt this good to my feet. Afteering trying them for a month, I went and purchased three more pairs for my other shoes.

    Lisa Savage

  13. Chloe

    Very good insoles for the price. I have used them with several patients


  14. rschmid

    Product is as described and at a very reasonable cost.


  15. Jean W.

    These are so soft and comfortable. So I bought the second pair.

    Jean W.

  16. Sarah Woolley

    One pair for me and one pair for my brother. He also loves them. In the future, I probably am going to buy another pair for my mother, since she stands a lot at her work place.

    Sarah Woolley

  17. Justine Henderson

    High quality and comfortable for walking long hours or standing. I recommend

    Justine Henderson

  18. Marcel

    Comfortable. Very comfortable!


  19. Hasan Pirzada

    These so far seem better made than Dr. Schols or the Taarget brand.

    Hasan Pirzada

  20. Stanley Ware

    Really nice insoles, comfortable. Don’t forget to remove your insoles and trace before cutting.

    Stanley Ware

  21. David Aland

    Fit my boots great and a good price

    David Aland

  22. G.Harvey

    I try to buy shoes with built in memory foam insoles, when I don’t I use these. I would say these have even better padding then memory foam shoes. I have Plantar Fasciitis so these are a must.


  23. Lorena Fuentes

    Excellent product out of the package. Time will tell how it holds up.

    Lorena Fuentes

  24. Sarah Barnett

    I have been searching for months to find a supportive but soft insole. These are the best I have ever tried. I got one for each pair of my shoes and my slippers. You will love these for sure.

    Sarah Barnett

  25. morton

    Fit in my boots very nicely and are very comfortable! Perfect soft without being too raised.


  26. AA7

    Need shoe size 1/2 or even 1 size up. Heel nicely thick as I hoped, but I didn’t realize my foot wouldn’t feel comfortable in my regular size shoe.


  27. JBurr

    Comfortable like walking on soft carpet. much better then Dr scholl gel


  28. Mia

    This are perfect for all my runners. I just removed the old ones and put these in.


  29. Lue Lee

    Wonderfully soft and comfortable.

    Lue Lee

  30. Amarjit Ahluwalia

    Thanks good quality. 5 stars.

    Amarjit Ahluwalia

  31. Sophia T.

    Ran a half marathon with these. These are perfect. I will ordering more for other shoes now.

    Sophia T.

  32. Devansh Kapoor

    Very comfortable, needed to cut the edges down to fit into shoes properly.

    Devansh Kapoor

  33. AA7

    Perfect replacement insoles after taking out the paper thin ones that come with the shoes. After having my Podiatrist look at them, she was super impressed, and I am thrilled.


  34. Carol

    I have ordered several pairs of these, both for my husband and for myself, and we love them!

    Be aware that since they are thick, they require extra space, so they are perfect in shoes that are on the large side to begin with.


  35. Rishika Jaiteley

    These hit a sweet spot between high priced orthodic inserts and off the shelf run-of-the-mill drug store insoles – while still being inexpensive. Very comfortable and have made a noticeable improvement in my plantar fasciitis.

    Rishika Jaiteley

  36. julia.wilson.02

    I ordered a second set. I’m on my feet for 8 hours at work, and these are wonderful. I have bunion and hammer toe and these really cushion the toes and feet.


  37. Christine Scott

    very happy with my purchase thanks

    Christine Scott

  38. R. L. Wong

    These insoles are wonderful. I needed something soft for my arthritis and these did the trick. Easy to trim to fit my shoes.

    R. L. Wong

  39. David

    Didn’t know if these would help, but they really do feel very comfortable.


  40. Lana Schneider

    Softest insoles ever. I stand from three to four hours a day and my flat feet were killing me. These really help. Just ordered another pair.

    Lana Schneider

  41. C.Walker

    I work 10-12 hours a day and am on my feet the entire time. These have kept my feet from hurting and I’m very happy with these insoles. Definitely recommend these.


  42. lily taylor

    Nice quality insoles. Thick enough to provide nice comfort for plantar fasciitis symptoms.

    lily taylor

  43. jcm2000

    These are great, I’m on my feet quite a bit and my old insoles were worn out and I was looking for something better. I decided to try these and I’m glad I did. Awesome product.


  44. Michael

    This is a great product. Thanks


  45. Paul

    Comfereteble, good insoles. delivery was a day late to Tasmania.


  46. R. Le Goff

    My 75 year old feet have never been happier! I have spent a lot of money over the last many years trying to find comfort for my feet.I had very high arches which are now falling and need support. Very happy wit these. Bought two pair and ordering more!

    R. Le Goff

  47. Maria D.

    Very comfortable and help with sore feet. Great product and fast delivery.

    Maria D.

  48. Helen Kirkpatrick

    I have a heel spur and plantar fasciitis and every insole I have tried to date made my feet hurt more. Until now, that is. These are soft so they don’t hurt the heal spur and they are supportive as well. Realy good.

    Helen Kirkpatrick