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LCD display, accurate and reliable, fast read, fingertip pulse oximeter

The fingertip pulse oximeter is a small clip-like device that is attached to the fingers to measure oxygen levels in the blood. It also comes with a reading of the pulse rate.

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Deluxe OLED is used for handheld pulse oximeter needs. Pulse Oximeter allows health practitioners, professionals, and at-home users to assess the oxygen levels of a patient’s blood with ease.

As a non-invasive means of determining a patient’s oxygen level and checking in on patient needs, the Pulse Oximeter is a handheld device that is quick, portable, and easy to use. Easy to read LCD screen, Sp02 and pulse readouts, trend saw tooth graph display on screen.

EASY TO USE. With just placing your index or middle finger on the pulse oximeter for a few seconds, you can already read the results of your blood oxygen levels and your pulse rate. Perfect for monitoring use even at home.

NON-INVASIVE. Instead of drawing blood and waiting for a specific time for the results, pulse oximeter employs the use of a sensor to detect blood oxygen levels and provides result for only a short period of time.

GREAT DISPLAY. Deluxe OLED is an easy to read LCD screen providing Sp02 and pulse readouts, showing trend saw tooth graph display on screen.

PORTABLE. This pulse oximeter is built in a perfect size to be handheld and to bring anywhere. Being battery-powered, it allows easy monitoring to be done in any location.

QUICK RESULTS. Pulse oximeter provides results for blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in only a few seconds, convenient for frequent monitoring.

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SpO2 value display
Pulse rate value display, bar graph display
Pulse waveform display
Adjustable screen brightness
Auto power off function when not used
Uses 2 AAA batteries, sold separately.

Technical Details

Dimension57(L) × 31(W) × 32(H) mm
WeightAbout 50g (with the batteries)

Visual Display

Display0.96” Dual-color OLED display (blue and yellow)
Screen Resolution128*64

Measurement & Accuracy

SpO2 Range0%~100%, (1% resolution)
Accuracy70%~99%: ±2%
PR Measuring Range30bpm~250bpm
Accuracy±2bpm or ±2%


Pulse Oximeter
User guide
2x AAA Batteries

Based on 18 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. rugrat

    As a nurse in a very busy nursing home, I’m always collecting “nurse gadgets” & actually have several pulse ox’s that I pack around with me in my backpack. Since receiving this one, this has become my go to ox.


  2. Peter Maxwell

    Love how easy to use. As a current medical student this is a great device for doing my clinicals. Easily readable and light weight. All around great product.

    Peter Maxwell

  3. cE King

    My dr suggested I get a pulseometer to monitor my vitals. This is very easy to use and very accurate. It even works with my nail polish.

    cE King

  4. Mike Harrell

    no issues, very useful. works well on adult finger. this was purchased for use with our fire department for our first response kits. i tested it against our main unit and it gave the exact same readings. these are small and fairly durable.

    Mike Harrell

  5. Jana

    Professional quality product. 1 star less because I paid $160 for the ox and missed on the sale here.


  6. Jeannie Christie

    Excellent oximeter. Is now a valuable tool in assisting me montor husbands heart failure.

    Jeannie Christie

  7. Ricky Taylor

    Very well described product, it works well I will definitely buy from u again. – Ricky from Taz

    Ricky Taylor

  8. Anthony Gordon

    Excellent service and reliability with brilliant communication.

    Anthony Gordon

  9. Paula Arnold

    Product: OLED Pulse Oximeter
    Great product & great price. Happy to recommend. thanks

    Paula Arnold

  10. Will Reinstein

    Fantastic for at home way of measuring pulse and oxygen saturation. This is a well-packaged, well-thought out, accurate little device! Highly recommended.

    Will Reinstein

  11. Zina

    The data is displayed very clearly. This oximeter is very accurate with the heart rate readings. I took manual pulse reading a number of times in parallel with it, both results matched up repeatedly. The only drawback I can see is that the oximeter does not have a power off button. It times out after approximately 7-8 seconds when not used. But then again every other finger ox model I have tried does pretty much the same. I guess you do not want a million buttons on a small device like this.


  12. Sue Smith

    Better than description. Fast postage. Very pleased.

    Sue Smith

  13. Jack Green

    Thanks great to buy from. Pulse oximeter and shipping was great and arrived early!!

    Jack Green

  14. Angela Williams

    Because I have severe respiratory problems, I was hospitalised last year. My doctor there at the time found a problem with the oxygen content in my blood.

    I ordered this one Oximeter two weeks ago and it has been exactly what I need. Now I don’t need to guess my oxygen level. I like clip this to my index finger and in a second I know if I need to take more medication or oxygen and if so, how much.

    Angela Williams

  15. Phyllis Cole

    I am an intensive care nurse and have worked with many types Pulse Oximeter. Finger and the large, very expensive hospital grade. I ordered this here to help monitor my son at home who has had breathing problems. It is easy to use. Better than expensive medical units.

    Phyllis Cole

  16. Brett Collett

    Absolutely recommend thank you so much- very fast delivery! top stuff!

    Brett Collett

  17. Warren W.

    Excellent sellers! Quick postage. Quality item. Good coms. Many thanx!!

    Warren W.

  18. Joe Summers

    Small portable and easy to handle. It fits in my pocket when I am doing the rounds at my facility. I use this at work, the oximeter is accurate plus handy.

    Joe Summers

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