Raised Toilet Seat With Lid

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Letting you reach the toilet seat with ease with a convenient toilet seat lid.

Struggling with mobility? Our raised toilet seat makes using the bathroom safer and more comfortable. The extra height means no more bending down low, reducing back, knee and hip strain. Just sit down and stand up naturally. Durable, easy-to-install, and affordable.

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100cm (4″) Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser With Lid helps those who cannot comfortably sit down on the regular toilet seat by adding height to it. The added height makes it easier to reach and is a great relief for people who have limited mobility either temporarily or permanently.

The ergonomically designed one-piece seat raiser can be easily and securely attached or removed from the regular toilet bowl. Its curves are meant to fit yours so that you can comfortably use the toilet. It also comes with a lid for better hygiene purposes.

The Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid is perfect for travel. The Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid attaches securely to any toilet and the raised design makes it safe to use if you have limited mobility.

The Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser with Lid features a flange that rests on the bowl for secure placement.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Secure attachment point
  • Ergonomic & comfortable
  • Stain & odour resistant
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Based on 13 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. kevin newman

    Great addition to existing toilet,very comfy and easy to maintain well worth the money

    kevin newman

  2. Anne A

    Great product. Nicely contoured and light which makes it easy to clean. No awkward fixing at the front to catch clothing. Much better than another product from a major hardware store. And costs less too and has higher weight rating. Love it.

    Anne A

  3. bazza b

    Works well

    bazza b

  4. donna green

    My mom had her knee replaced and it was hard for her to bend it. She was very happy with the purchase. It was quick and easy to install, and it attached very securely to the toilet.

    donna green

  5. Paul A

    Good. Does the job. Nice to have a lid. Grips easily in place.

    Paul A

  6. Heather D

    I was not sure about this product until I received it and installed it. It was simple to attach and I have not had any problems with the seat loosening up. The seat has remained in position and has not shifted in the 3 weeks that I have had it. Just remember to adjust the two screw levers located on opposite sides of the seat in tandem. Turn both at the same time and adjust so that both screws are equally tightened and don’t think you have to make them super tight. I am pleased and very satisfied with this purchase.

    Heather D

  7. Nygryn

    Hats off to the raised seat with a lid


  8. Joshy Ak

    Fine, good product.

    Joshy Ak

  9. Marge

    I love the fact that it has a lid


  10. Nash

    I got this seat to help my wife, who has severe spinal stenosis, and is awaiting surgery. She was finding getting up from our loo extremely painful, so after using a toilet which we discovered was about an inch higher than ours, and being in less pain, I decided to get this seat to see if it would help, and it certainly has.

    From the first day she said she doesn’t experience anywhere near as much pain in her back when sitting down or getting up. To think that this inexpensive purchase has provided my wife with such relief from her pain makes it totally worth every penny.


  11. Kristofer Hutchison

    Very easy to install. Take literally about 2 minutes.

    I recovered from total hip surgery within about 2 weeks and really don’t have to have this raised toilet seat anymore. However, it is so comfortable and easy to clean etc., I am leaving it on until about the 4-month mark. And, I’ll save it for the time I will likely to have other ballet/gymnastics joints replaced.

    THANK GOD for modern surgical techniques. Otherwise I’d be in a wheelchair instead of back on the ski slopes. Thank you God.

    Kristofer Hutchison

  12. dusty

    This is made of hard plastic and latches onto your toilet. You cannot use it over a lid. It has a lid. It provides about four inches of height which was great on my arthritic knees. My problem was that the opening wasn’t very big and became uncomfortable.


  13. sesa_blue

    It does fit both standard round and elongated toilets. Simply raise the existing lid and seat and place the riser on the porcelain bowl.

    It is easy enough to just put the riser in place when you need to sit down, and to leave it off when other family members use the toilet.

    The height is perfect when placed on a 16 1/2 high toilet. I am dealing with a bad hip, soon to be replaced, and the height was just not high enough to use without a lot of discomfort

    So why not five stars? I mean for the price it would seem this riser could not be beat. The problem is the size of the center hole. It is simply too small for a male. It would need the hole to be brought forward at least another two inches for a man to use easily. It is possible for a man to use, but only with precise positioning of one’s equipment, so to speak