Fixed In Place Toilet Surround Frame, Adjustable

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Toilet surround frame with side clamps for added stability.

Height and width adjustable toilet surround frame with handrails, designed to provide additional support and stability when using the toilet.

Adopt double side rail design, very safe and safer and sturdy. Perfect for those who are a fall risk and need handles at the bathroom or those who need a handicap compatible toilet.

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In stock

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STABILITY AND SAFETY: Designed to provide extra support and stability while using the toilet. It can be easily adjusted and attached to the toilet, thereby promoting the safety and stability of the user. Prevents slipping or falling.

ADJUSTABILITY: The structure can easily be adjusted in height, width and length to be the perfect fit for every toilet. The armrests can be adjusted forwards and backwards for more comfortable support.

ACCESSIBILITY: The curvature adapts to the shape of the toilet and grants accessibility when used. Ideal for the elderly, pregnant, suffering arthritis,  recovering from injury or surgery.

EASY TO ASSEMBLY: No tools required.

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Width55-60 cm
Height62-73 cm
Depth46 cm

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4.8 overall

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  1. Syed i.

    This toilet rail is very easy to install. It folds open, pieces screw or clamp into place, and the rails can be easily adjusted to the height you need for your toilet. Everything felt secure and stable when I finished, and it did a great job supporting my weight up and down onto the toilet.

    Syed i.

  2. Stuart D

    This device is very sturdy and I put it in place for my 90 year old dad. He really liked this and it made getting up and lowering himself down much easier.

    The connectors that brace it to the side of the toilet and the strap in the back that keep the device in place are very adequate and make this a very safe and stable device for the elderly.

    If you have a smaller bathroom the things to watch out for are. 1. Will the placement inhibit opening the shower door. 2. Will the placement interfere with existing built in tile toilet paper holders.

    These issues impacted our installation but we were able to relocate it to a bathroom that worked better.

    Stuart D

  3. Sharon

    My husband has bad knees and ankles. This makes it a lot easier for getting up and down. We did not put the strap around the back of toilet. It works great. Easy to assemble in minutes. Easy to pick up and move when needing to mop.


  4. Yanjie

    Works pretty much as advertised


  5. Kylie Betts

    So far it seems ok.

    Kylie Betts

  6. Atomic Robot

    This product is so stable and secure. I no longer have to worry about my mother tipping it over and it really assists her when using the toilet. It isn’t unattractive either. It looks nice and she finds the padded arms to be comfortable.

    Atomic Robot

  7. Muriel S

    The safety toilet rail was extremely easy to put together (no tools required) and does not take up much room around the toilet. It is very well made and very sturdy with the clamps tightened on either side of the bowl. A fine product and well worth the cost.

    Muriel S

  8. Elizabeth McManus

    This is a well made, sturdy rail. More expensive than other choices but definitely worth it.

    Elizabeth McManus

  9. Quyen Quoi Lee

    Unfortunately as you grow older, your knees and other things start to give out. One side effect is that it makes it difficult to get up and drown from the toilet. I like that you don’t have to remove the toilet lid in order to use this.

    Quyen Quoi Lee

  10. Kamal Mehta

    Had a total knee replacement and this was something that helped me immensely in the bathroom. Very stable, sturdy and non tippy. Supported my weight both on and off.

    Kamal Mehta

  11. EzGoinAnderson

    The frame was easy to assemble, it took about 15 min. I’m 79 years young and have very arthritic hands and wrists. I’m impressed with the sturdiness of this unit, which was extremely important to me. I also like the fact that the unit is adjustable. It is well made and looks like it will last a long time. I definitely would purchase this unit again.


  12. C. Burk

    Outstanding! Finally Something that doesn’t rock or move. Mom is finally safe. Thank you! Get this one, it’s so much better than any other we tried.

    C. Burk