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Progressive density, memory foam wheelchair support cushion with liquid resistant cover.

It can alleviate discomfort associated with sitting for long period of time. Perfect for wheelchair bound individuals offering comfort and pressure relief.

The memory foam is durable and layered for optimal processive support. Castellated memory Foam wheelchair cushion so it is easy to take with you no matter where you go.

Includes wipeable, liquid resistant cover with protective skirt cover over zipper for further continence resistance.

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In stock

This memory foam is designed for wheelchairs and also applicable for other seating, such as dining and office chairs.

  • Designed for a wheelchairs and other seating such as dining and office chairs.
  • Redistributes body weight to reduce pressure.
  • Comfortable foam base designed to last.
  • Relieves pressure points and spreads body weight evenly.

CASELLATED. Castellated void on top memory foam layer creates a more effective pressure distribution via progressive density created by this design. Achieve all benefits of a 3 later cushion in a 2 layer cushion without additional cost.

CONTINENCE RESISTANCE: Water proof fabric with a generous over zipper skirt creates a very high spilled liquid resistant environment.

COMFORTABLE. Made with comfortable foam base designed to last, this memory foam can alleviate discomfort from sitting too long.

EASY TO CLEAN. This includes a wipeable, liquid-resistant cover which is easy to clean.

LASTS LONGER. It is durable and has a foam base that is designed to last, perfect for long term use.

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Width45 cm
Depth42 cm
Height10 cm
Capacity 115 kg

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4.9 overall

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  1. Donald Battaglini

    Very good. Your cushion is better for my son than the original which was specifically designed for him. Iam now buying an Alternating Air Wheelchair Cushion, to use in his armchair, as a Christmas present.

    Donald Battaglini

  2. Patricia Edwards

    amazing quality now have a happy comfortable hubby in his wheelchair thank you 😀😃

    Patricia Edwards

  3. John Lim

    Seat cushion for wheelchair and chair. My mom usually complains about the pressure on her tailbone but she didn’t bring it up at all with this one. Even after she slid down slightly in the chair, she still had no complaints.it works great!

    John Lim

  4. Aleksander

    My mother can no longer walk with her walker. She is a recent wheelchair user. As her sole caregiver, I panicked when I saw a pressure sore developing. I searched online for a cushion and I saw this one. It was more expensive than others but the concept sounded good. And I had been disappointed in some cheaper cushions that I had bought in the past for my own back issues. Immediate success! Within a day or two, her developing sore disappeared. It’s an excellent product and truly worth the price. As they say, you get what you pay for. And in this case it’s so true.


  5. JWT

    This is the best chair pad ever! My mom no longer had sores from sitting all the time. I recommend this cushion 1 million percent. It really is a blessing for anyone that sits or is in a wheelchair all the time. They should put these in all the nursing homes. My mom no longer has any sores from sitting and for that I am grateful because sores can cause infection. We have two of these pads so that one can be cleaned and there is backup 🙂 truly the best product ever made. Mom has been using hers since 2019 and we actually had a conversation about it today and she says even now this cushion saved me.


  6. Gail

    My mom is 88 and spends almost all of the day and night in her wheelchair as she refuses to sleep in her bed. She was at very high risk for developing pressure ulcers on her buttocks, and in fact skin was already breaking down when we purchased this pad in desperation. This wheelchair cushion and a change in topical ointment made all the difference in the world!! She is almost completely healed. I highly recommend this product.


  7. Alan S.

    I have nasty pressure sores, and the pain was searing and constant. I am in a wheelchair recovering from a stroke, and my left arm and leg are incapacitated. It’s hard to properly treat these sores, or even shift my weight to ease the pain. The most discomfort I have felt is an occasional twinge. Like I said, it’s early, but right now I love this cushion more than chocolate!

    Alan S.

  8. Dan J

    My mother is in a wheelchair and this is the only one that works

    Dan J

  9. Mollart

    Absolutely WONDERFUL product so far. My father recently had a stroke and isn’t used to sitting for long periods of time. A friend recommended this cushion for his wheelchair. I absolutely recommend this product. I’m not sure if the price is right for this product but if you have some extra money or are desperate this is worth it.


  10. Mike

    I have chronic neuropathy and needed a cushion to use when I am not in my manual wheelchair. This cushion goes almost everywhere with me. At first I didn’t like it, but then I was comparing it to my expensive custom wheelchair seat. For the price point, this is awesome! It relieves the pressure/pain to some degree whenever I use it. I know that no cushion will completely remove neuropathic pain, but this one does a pretty good job. I use it mainly in my electric wheelchair.


  11. Jennifer A

    Husband likes it. Hasn’t complained. So this is a good sign. I liked it when I tried it out. No worries about pumping or holes, like an air cushion.

    Jennifer A

  12. Mr Eric Jones

    We used this on my dads wheelchair which he says was more comfortable than the wheelchair seat itself. Was also helpful since when he came home from hospital he had a bed sore that was pretty painful while just sitting in the wheelchair seat by itself.

    Mr Eric Jones

  13. Peter Megson

    I bought this for my elderly mother who is in a nursing home. She has been battling pressure sores. Thanks to this cushion she is able to spend more time up in her wheelchair painfree.

    Peter Megson

  14. Frogten07

    Really helped relieving pain especially when moving an elderly man in a wheelchair, very good cushion , well built


  15. B Zunneberg

    Purchased as addition to wheelchair for balance and stability. Product is durable so far and serves the purpose. Comfortable and easy to move.

    B Zunneberg

  16. pjturner2001

    Got this for elderly mom since she is totally immobile. Used it for recliner she naps in – this cushion has prevented any further red spots from being in one position too long. I ended up purchasing a second one for her wheelchair. It stays in place and has prevented all marks which prevents sores from forming. Her old rectangular pad would slide right off her wheelchair so easily


  17. Angela H

    This cushion is thick and supportive. The memory foam feels great when you sit down on it. I had been using a patio chair cushion, but this one is so much more supportive. Your behind sinks into it but is supported too. For some reason it also helps prevent my legs from going to sleep when I’m at my computer for extended lengths of time.

    Angela H

  18. Dave

    It is an extremely effective cushion and does a wonderful job of relieving stress on the derrière!


  19. Joe Rosa

    Very comfortable to sit on. Gives enough cushion and a decent amount of support. Thinking of buying another one.

    Joe Rosa

  20. russell

    This pad is very sick and comfortable. Purchase from my moms wheelchair and has made such a difference in terms of her comfort.


  21. 1midnightfish

    Works great for adding height to chairs and as a cushion after you have had a hip replacement.


  22. Patrick A

    I’ve been using this cushion after hip replacement surgery. It helps me sit up higher and is very comfy. Just what I was looking for.

    Patrick A

  23. D Singh

    The cushion really is as thick as described and is a little thick for me which is the reason for my 3 rating. I didn’t measure carefully enough.

    D Singh

  24. thegemte

    Arrived quickly and as described. Quality product for the price.